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Book day: four e-readers with millions of books at your fingertips

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Today is a somewhat atypical day of the book because of the confinement to which we are subjected since there are no open bookstores to go celebrate San Jorge in style, so there is no other option but to look for digital alternatives, which will allow us, among other advantages, to store dozens and dozens of titles without filling the shelves at home.

Electronic ink book readers there are many on the market and any of them will serve you without problems to spend a few hours with one of those novels that catch you and do not let you go, but we have decided to four models in particular, which have stores inside that will allow us to acquire books absolutely legally.

Kindle Paperwhite

It is the intermediate reader of the Amazon catalog, a compact, thin device, with night backlight and with a white hue on its six-inch screen that tries to resemble that of sheets of paper.

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Kindle Paperwhite

You can buy it for about 130 euros and you will get the 8GB model of storage with the built-in store, both to buy individual titles, and to read books that we rent through the Kindle Unlimited flat rate.

Energy Sistem eReader Pro 4

Apart from its anti-reflective six-inch screen, its Wi-Fi connectivity or the 8GB of internal storage and a price of 129 euros, what makes this device special is that It has android as an operating system, which guarantees us to be able to install apps from the official Google store.

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Energy Sistem eReader Pro 4.

This will allow us, among other things, to download the Nubico, Kindle or Kobo applications, to have all the most popular legal reading options at our fingertips, with the flat rates of both services or the individual purchases of the stores Amazon and Rakuten. To say that It is not only the case of this model, any e-reader with Android It will allow you to have all these reading alternatives in your hand.

Kobo Forma by FNAC

Is about a very interesting e-reader with a huge eight-inch screen that we can use horizontally or vertically, Wifi connectivity and 8GB of storage. It is resistant to liquids and we can wet it, as well as having a backlight in case we want to read at night.

Kobo Forma by FNAC. "Srcset =" https: https: https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Kobo Forma by FNAC.

It gives access to the official Kobo store (Rakuten) where we can buy books and keep them in our library. In this way, we can build our own library and store it in the reader without problems. Its price reaches 240 euros.

Kindle Oasis

Amazon’s top-of-the-range e-reader features una seven-inch screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, various storage configurations, an extremely slim, frameless, backlit and waterproof design.

Kindle Oasis. "Srcset =" https: https: https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Kindle Oasis.

You can buy it for about 250 euros and you will have access to all the purchases you make in the Amazon store, as well as the titles that you rent in the Kindle Unlimited service of those of Jeff Bezos.

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