Bombshell at Decathlon: a smart watch with calls for less than 25 euros

bombshell at decathlon a smart watch with calls for less than 25 euros
bombshell at decathlon a smart watch with calls for less than 25 euros

Decathlon has put several devices on sale, including a cheap smart watch.

At this point, the usefulness of smart watches is beyond doubt. Many models are basically wrist phones, especially if they run Google’s Wear OS operating system. However, you don’t need something so complicated, nor especially so expensive, to obtain features that until not long ago were cutting-edge.

For example, a feature that all high-end watches have is Bluetooth calling ; The watch connects to the mobile and is then able to receive and make phone calls using the mobile connection.

For many users, calls on the watch are very useful in many situations where they cannot take their mobile out of their pocket or bag; and it can help you not miss any calls, since just with a touch on the wrist we can respond immediately.

Watch with calls at Decathlon

Now, Decathlon has put one of the cheapest watches with phone calls on sale. This is the MyKronoz Smartwatch ZeNeo for 24.95 euros on the Decathlon website. Although it must be taken into account that, although Decathlon offers the device through its website, it is actually sold by a third party and therefore does not offer some of the advantages such as exchanges and returns in Decathlon stores. Still, the seller offers free returns within 30 days.

MyKronoz is a brand that should already be familiar to anyone who has looked for a cheap wearable , as their devices usually aim for low figures; This same watch, for example, has a RRP of 59.94 euros, although it now has a 58% discount on the Decathlon website.

Despite this low price, the ZeNeo has many features. Thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker, it allows you to make calls, but also activate the Google Assistant and perform voice commands. Connecting with your mobile phone through the official application for Android (also available for iPhone), it also allows you to display notifications from WhatsApp and other apps that you have installed.

A curious detail of this watch is in the design, which looks like an activity bracelet . According to the manufacturer, it is a conscious decision, since the idea was to offer the advantages of a smart watch to people who consider them too large and annoying; Instead, this design is thinner, smaller and lighter, which may better fit the tastes of many people.

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