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This Christmas the protagonist is you

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The Christmas It is a very special time of year for me. It makes me happy, I feel that warmth is everywhere even on the coldest days and I also meet with my family, since we only have the opportunity to get together all on these dates. I love Christmas despite missing loved ones, I love it above all things. You have arrived like every year and I am going to enjoy you like never before!

I have not commented on it in the previous paragraph, but something that I also adore is spending time buying gifts. The Christmas It is synonymous with dedication to family, friends … and why not? Also to oneself. We these parties are also the protagonists. Because it is compatible to take care of our own without forgetting ourselves, taking time to disconnect, think, remember, pamper ourselves and give ourselves any little thing. Do you dare? Without a doubt, you deserve it …


In my case, I have chosen to pamper myself with some products Rituals that you already know that I adore. I have not tried something that has disappointed me yet. Everything is done with love and care down to the last detail. Surely many of you think like me 🙂


This Christmas they have also released some very complete gift sets at a very good price. I am completely in love with myself set Sakura. Shall I tell you what it brings?

rituals-still life

The Ritual of Sakura shower foam 200ml: it is certainly one of my favorite products. It is a very smooth texture and with a scent that lingers on the skin for hours. Wonderful. The real shower is a real pleasure with her.
The Ritual of Sakura shower oil 200ml: this oil is fantastic as it makes the skin very soft and is very easy to use. In addition, for the laziest when it comes to hydrating the body, such as one that I jijij, is great, since it is applied with damp skin, it makes a foam, you remove it and that’s it 😉 So not only clean, if not it also hydrates.


The Ritual of Sakura body scrub 125 gr: pufff … is that I can not fault anything hahaha. It’s amazing! Leaves skin very soft, smooth, hydrated and fragrant. Top product 😉
The Ritual of Sakura body cream 70ml: for me it is very important that moisturizers have a rich clean smell and last and last over time. This meets that requirement and also leaves it elastic and bright.

It is coming to me great to prepare my skin for the holidays and to dedicate that moment of spa at home that we appreciate so much.

What do you think about this? I have it clear, nobody better than you knows how to make you happy 🙂

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