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The natural deodorant

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Hello girls! 😉

For today Wednesday I bring you an entry that I think you may find interesting … Have you ever heard of the alum stone? I discovered it a few days ago and I am delighted … It is generally used as a natural deodorant although it can be used for more things such as after shaving, cutting bleeding, they say that even to dry pimples, for the smell of feet … It has healing qualities , bactericidal, firming, antiseptic … It has no alcohol, no perfume, nor does it contain any toxic chemical substance … In addition to respecting health, it respects the environment. Indicated for sensitive skin, it does not clog the pore and does not contain petroleum derivatives.

The real stone of alum is the one that contains “Potassium-alum”

Before it was harder to find, but it is getting easier. I bought mine at Consum at a very cheap price: 2 euros with something. You can also buy it in herbalists although in Mercadona they also have it. It has a cylindrical shape and is whitish.

To this day I am only using it as a deodorant and for now I am LOVING IT. It is important that you do not drop it on the ground, since it would break and most likely you could not use it anymore since we would cut ourselves. It is applied in the armpit (if it is shaved better, do not be hairy ladies, eh? Hahaha) moistening the stone with water previously. You will see that it glides great, that it does not leave a sticky sensation and that it does not smell nta It holds me great all day, incredible, I am in shock… I think that for the price it has, it is worth trying it… You will tell me!

Did you know this stone and its properties?

Thanks for stopping by!

We read on Friday, tomorrow is a holiday … hehe

A kiss! ; *

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