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Recommended products: leather

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Hi there! 🙂

How about ladies? Everything in order? hehe

In today’s post I wanted to show you three skin products that I really like, do you fancy? 😉

Recommendations for the skin

1. PRODIGY POWERCELL by HELENA RUBINSTEIN: a few weeks ago I was telling you what the routine of day facial care that I am carrying out. Well, this serum is the one that I use at night with clean skin and before going to bed. It can be applied alone or accompanied by a moisturizer. I usually put it alone. It absorbs quickly and the texture is not sticky or sticky at all. In fact, it is also perfect for oily skin. This product stimulates the renewal of the skin obtaining a smoother, luminous and refined skin. It also protects against free radicals. I immediately noticed the results, but especially the skin felt thinner.

Serums for the skin

2. IDÉALIA LIFE SERUM by VICHY: it has been my latest discovery and I love it. It is also a serum, like the previous one, but I do not use it as a treatment as such. It is a whitish, non-greasy fluid that has discrete pearly particles or sparkles, but at the same time, it provides a radiance and good appearance to the brutal face. eye! It can be used perfectly before going to sleep with very clean skin and can be applied alone or accompanied with a moisturizer. But I have another use for it. I apply it before the makeup base all over my face, avoiding the area around the eyes (you know that it is an area with very delicate skin) and it makes the base hold me much longer, also achieving a subtle but precious light. What benefits does this product have? It is very good for dull skin, with spots, enlarged pores … It is also suitable for sensitive skin. Ah, I forgot… it smells too good! ♡

Recommended products

Vichy idéalia life serum

3. FACE & BODY by MAKEUP FOREVER: many of you keep asking me for a makeup base that does not have a “casper” effect in the photos, the face being much whiter than the body. So that this does not happen to you, I recommend that you use products without a sun protection factor. This base can be found in Sephora and the only difference that I find with the MAC one is that perhaps it works better or easier. You will achieve a juicy finish (although if you don’t just like it, you can mattify it a little to kill that glow slightly), a radiant, luminous skin and also great photography. It is also long-lasting, oil-free (although I also recommend it for normal skin) and waterproof. I apply it with a little sponge by tapping.

Have you tried any of the three things? 😉

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