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Prepare skin before makeup

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How are you? 😉 A lot of encouragement to all of you who are in exams! The effort will be worth it 😀 For all!

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Very recently I posted a video on my social networks in which I chat and share secrets with Patry jordan that if you have not seen yet, you can visit it clicking here. In it we talked about the importance of taking care of the skin so that our makeup looks perfect. It is not about buying expensive makeup, it is about the canvas being ready so that the final result is 10.

Skin care

So in today’s post I wanted to tell you what products I use as a preliminary step to the makeup base 😉

one. First of all what I do is put a little bit of micellar water in a make-up remover pad to leave the skin very clean. Now I am using a special one for oily skin that removes make-up, cleanses and mattifies. It is also perfect for sensitive skin. This point is independent of cleaning with a gel before going to bed and in the morning when I get up..

Garbier pure active micellar water

2. It is essential to apply a moisturizing for several reasons: so that the makeup spreads better, so that it lasts longer intact on the face, to provide the optimal degree of hydration that all skin needs and because when we extend it we are doing a small massage that will stimulate microcirculation and in a matter of seconds we will have a better appearance 😉

Hydration skin care

Actually I’m taking turns taking several, today I show you two: one that wears a SPF50 and a special light for normal-combination skins with rapid absorption without any type of SPF for when the makeup base you use already has protection.

3. I don’t really always do this either, and I confess that I sometimes skip it; P Step three would be to apply a first to neutralize or to refine pores. Any product of this type will make the foundation last longer and contribute to the lack of shine. To tell you the truth, the ones I generally use are with luminous particles to obtain a more glowing skin finish. Without a doubt my favorites are these two: KIKO more subtle and the “copacabana” of NARS much more obvious.

Copacabana nars

Four. I always like to apply a eye contour that provides light and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky sensation but that at the same time hydrates. Both options are great 😉 Shiseido’s even reduces the dark color of the dark circles 🙂 You already know that you should apply it with the tip of the ring finger gently and carefully since that skin is very sensitive and finite 😉 Do it with love, P

Shiseido eye contour

How are your previous steps to get a skin that is 100% ready to apply makeup next? Any product that you recommend because you love it? 🙂

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Tomorrow more and better 😉

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