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PELOSTOP: to have a laser in summer or not

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Good morning girls! 🙂

How its goes the week?. Wednesday is here and we are going to start it strong and with a big smile! You sign up? ; P

In June I wrote an entry in which I told you that thanks to Pelostop I was going to be able to have the diode laser done on my legs to remove my hair. I had always used pulsed light but it is true that in certain parts of the body I felt that I had stagnated. As I do not want to repeat myself, if you think I leave the link right here so you can read everything. In addition, I also told you about both the diode laser and the alexandrite and the differences 😉

I have to say that I am so happy with them that I bought some vouchers to get other parts of my body like groin, mustache and armpits 🙂 Hair out!

Can we do the laser in summer?

Surely many of you have doubts. Actually there are opinions for all tastes and I am only going to limit myself to transmitting the information that they gave me in Pelostop. In addition, I trust completely because it inspires me a lot of confidence and in which all the girls who have treated me have treated me with a lot of affection and care.

They told me from the first moment that I would be able to do it in summer without any problem. Still, I told them that my skin tanned a lot and they didn’t tell me that it could be a problem.

So answering the question: if you can have the laser in summer as long as melanin is not active. What does this mean? I tell you about my case so that you understand: I had an appointment in July just after my trip to Ibiza. Even having left my three days without direct sun exposure before giving me the session, when I got to the center, the skin was extremely tanned and with a bright and pigmented hue. So they recommended that I let a few more weeks go by so that even though I was a brunette, I didn’t look as active as at that moment. More than anything because they were going to have to put it so low in power that it was not going to have an effect on me.

So I came back a week later and they were able to do my second session.

What changes have you noticed in these two sessions?

In the first one, my hair came out at the same rate as when I was razor, but later, when they grew back, it took much longer to come out. Actually, in this first session I did not notice big changes and it was already in the second that since I did it at the end of July I have not had to pass the blade except for some small areas. Still it is too early to see more noticeable results. So I will tell you about the new changes that I am experiencing 😉

On September 30 I go back to make my legs and English.

How do you take care of your legs so that they look shiny and pretty?

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You have asked me this question on numerous occasions, so if you think I leave you some tips that I usually do to have them ready, it does not matter if it is winter or summer, you must always take care of them 😉

Stilettos outfit

1. Being realizing the To be It makes those unsightly black spots or encyst hairs not visible, so the skin looks clean and soft in that sense.

2. I like exfoliate them once every two weeks deeply to remove dead cells. I love those of Rituals that in addition to leaving the skin very soft, they provide a great smell.

3. Hydrate them: it will make the skin look much more beautiful, elastic and hydrated.

4. Make sport: this point is important and also very good for your health 😉 In my case I do weights to define and tone them.

And you, what do you do to keep them beautiful? Tell me things! 😉

Remember that tomorrow you will have a new video with my sister, so don’t miss it!

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A kiss and see you tomorrow

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