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I love Kiehl´s

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Hooola ladies and gentlemen!

Here you have my first entry with the new website..jijiji

As you can see, the blog has some problems with the images but we hope to fix it soon 🙂
Well, we were going, right? 🙂 A few days ago I posted a survey in which I asked your opinion on the subject of the next blog entry and this has been the most voted “I love Kiehl’s”.
It has been a relatively short time since this American cosmetic brand called Kiehl’s has a Spanish website. In it you can buy online if you want since in very few parts of Spain you can buy their products.

I have not had the opportunity to try many things, but I do have to tell you that what I have used I have loved practically everything. For me it is a very special, different and very careful brand.
What’s not so great about Kiehl’s?

It is very very expensive, but you also find a very good product, therefore quality sometimes has to be paid for…. 😉

What do I have of this brand?

The scrub “Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser” . Contains 150ml and is specific for normal to combination skin. Its price is: 27.50 euros.
On the web we find these characteristics about the product:

– Slightly foaming deep cleansing formula

– Amazonian white mud helps reduce pores

– Gentle exfoliation removes toxins from the surface

It really is a terrific product, the best exfoliator I have ever tasted. The results are immediately noticeable 😉 The skin is thin and soft like that of a baby.
It is a product that I am not using now because I cannot, but since I bought it in April I did not stop using it until September 🙂
“Creamy treatment with avocado for the eyes”. It contains 14 ml, I think that to be a contour it brings a lot of quantity, apart from the fact that being so pasty and unctuous it will make us very rich. It is apple green and its price is: 38 euros.
On the web they describe it this way:

– Unique concentrated texture

– Does not migrate to the eyes

– Gently hydrates the delicate eye area

– Tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists

The truth is that I had a super dry and fine contour. Thanks to this contour, my skin has remarkably recovered in a few days. I wear it when I get up with a clean face, before going to bed, before putting on the concealer…. 🙂 I love it.
And finally I had the opportunity to try “the olive oil mask “ deeply restorative. I did not buy this one, Mónica http://www.secretodebelleza.com/ was super kind to leave me for many applications and to be able to try it before in case I liked being able to buy it.
The jar brings 250 ml and costs 33 euros.

What is good about this mask (at least for me)? It does not contain silicones (yes, now I have tried not to use products that contain it), no sulfates, no dyes, etc …
Right now I have very dry hair and there is nothing that leaves it sealed. It looks like stupefied, especially on the ends … This mask leaves my hair very soft but it does not just tame my hair … .. but even so, I already tell you, another very good product ….
What description can we find on the web?

– With avocado oil, lemon extract and olive oil

– For dehydrated and damaged hair

– Inspired by traditional homemade recipes

– Prevents future damage caused by environmental factors

The good thing about Kiehl’s is also that they give a lot of samples and they care a lot about advising you in the best possible way.
So nothing, as I said before, it is a very special brand for me and that little by little I hope to try 😉
And you, have you tried anything? 🙂

Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving me a comment !!! Hahaha

A big kiss!


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