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Good Karma spirit

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Surely many of those who are reading me have ever heard of “the Karma”. Phrases like “everything that goes, comes back”, “you get what you give”, “everything good or bad you do, Karma will give you back”, they are very familiar, right? But what is real about all this? Do you believe in it?

The key to the Karma is certainly in believing. It is not something tangible that we can touch, but that does not mean that it does not exist. In fact, if you asked me if I believe in him, my answer would be a resounding yes.

It is important to be clear that the ideal would be to treat others with affection and respect, as much as you would like them to do with you. My thought is to do all the best that I know and with my heart. It’s like a chain of good vibes, do you sign up to distribute good Karma? Long live optimism and good vibes!


The summer campaign he has launched Rituals, is inspired by all of the above that I just wrote a few lines above: “The Ritual of Karma” and for that reason they want to give impetus to this movement using the hashtag # 30DaysOfGoodKarma so that for a month you are encouraged to hang a photo that inspires you peace and gives off positivity. Join the # 30daysofgoodkarma and create more happiness in your life. Rituals brings you for a month, as I mentioned, 30 ways to attract Good Karma. 30 ways to lead a more conscious, loving, more grateful life. 30 days full of inspiration, advice and gifts! Tomorrow you will see mine on my instagram! You will tell me what you think 😉

The limited edition of products for this summer from Rituals Cosmetics Spain is undoubtedly incredible in terms of packaging, textures, aromas, variety …

The perfume they have chosen for this collection combines the sweet floral scent of White lotus with the refreshing properties of Bergamot.

Karma rituals

one. Shower foam: It seems to me a wonderful texture and different from what we usually use.

2. Shower oil: that when it comes into contact with water, it transforms into a light foam that will hydrate and prolong the tan.

3. The Ritual of Karma candle: perfect for the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room … I fall in love with the minimalist packaging, so it also seems perfect as a decorative element 😉

Four. Body mist and bedding: perfect so that our clothes and body smell good. It is a very subtle aroma, like clean and that I am certainly using a lot. I like to apply it after showering just before going to sleep.

Karma Rituals Mist

5. Body lotion: Rituals butters I like a lot in general because they hydrate in depth and also the perfume is very rich. But this in addition to the fact that the skin remains soft and velvety, the smell is too rich.

6. Body scrub: I have used it several times already and I love it because it is not an aggressive exfoliation and it remains like a film of oil that blows me away. Brutal!

Have you tried anything from this collection? Tell me girls!

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