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Thank God, we are increasingly aware of the danger of the sun’s rays, so I have to confess that I love seeing people on the beach constantly applying their sunscreen. Ole for them!

A totally false myth is to think that if you apply a cream with a high sun protection factor you are not going to get brunettes in any way. This is totally wrong. Putting yourself like crabs and then peeling yourself is not cool at all. It is a crime for the skin and it also has a memory, so these damages are going to accumulate year after year.

So please, be responsible and take care 😉

In today’s post, I want to share with you the products that I am using when I go to the beach or the swimming pool and that my skin is totally protected, do you feel like it? There are two of them that I already used last summer, but the others, they are new things that I am trying now 🙂

Tanning Products

1. Hydrating protective milk for hair, Nuxe: This product is great for protecting hair and scalp from the sun, chlorine, and salt, while repairing and giving the hair a good look. The perfume is really nice and what I do is apply it a little before leaving the house. Even so I have to say that I repeat applications depending on the time it will be exposed to the sun. Also, for those of us who have dyed hair, it’s great because it protects it and keeps it from getting ugly …

Waterproof. Without parabens. Without alcohol. Contains coconut oil and rice protein extract among others.

2. Sunscreen lip balm with SPF20, Kiko: It is very comfortable to wear since it does not take up space and it is also very hygienic because it is applied directly from the container to the mouth and it is not necessary to put your fingers in little jars that always end up full of sand. In addition to protecting, what I like the most is that it provides a beautiful and natural tone to the lips. The tone I have is “Coconut jam”.

Contains filters against lightning UVA-UVB for complete sun protection and ingredients with active ingredients with soothing and moisturizing action.

3. White oil-free brilliant with SPF50 +++, Natura Bissé: If you want to know more info about this product that has me in love and that I use both in winter and summer, click here. It is exclusively for the face and in addition to providing a good tone and luminosity to the skin, it is also a treatment since it reduces spots. It is expensive, but to this day I have not tried anything other than having such high protection does not remove pimples and does not leave the skin extra oily.

4. Spray SPF50 + protect, A-Derma: This protective fluid is perfect for fragile or sensitive skin. It does not bleach and spreads very easily. This is the one that I generally use for the body, although below I will mention others that I also like 😉

It is waterproof and contains oil Rhealba Oat seedlings that reinforces and protects the skin barrier. In addition, it protects against lightning UVB-UVA and it has no parabens.

5. Dry sun oil with SPF20, Hawaiian Tropic: I have been using this brand for many years and in general I like all its products. When I am already quite tanned, what I sometimes do is mix this oil with the spf moisturizer that I normally use and thus enhance the brunette.

6. Suntan activating sun milk with SPF50, Nivea: We bought it at the end of last summer and it is great because of the not sticky texture and easy to spread among other things. It is not a self-tanning product. Contains a natural extract that helps the production of melanin. It also protects against lightning UVB-UVA and it is waterproof.

7. Cicaplast tattoo SPF50, La Roche-Posay: repairs, calms and protects. It is a perfect product to heal a recently done tattoo or to keep the colors vibrant and protect that little piece of skin that needs more specific care. Stimulates skin repair, soothes it, prevents red or brown marks, deterioration of colors and definition, and softens the skin. So I am applying it not only for when I am going to be exposed directly to the sun, but to go down the street 😉


– Avoid gelatins, oils and products in general that do not have any type of protection.

– Always use products with a minimum sun protection factor of 50. Even if you are a brunette, yes, I am and that is what I use 😉

– Repeat applications from time to time to ensure that you are constantly protected.

Have you tried any of what I have mentioned? What are your essentials?

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