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Current facial care routine

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They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul and I totally believe it. This phrase certainly reminds me that the same thing happens with the skin in the sense that if we do not take care of ourselves inside, it will be reflected in a negative way on our face. Dull skin, acne, depigmentation, lack of hydration … Topical care is of course very important, but let’s not forget that the skin is closely related to everything that is cooked within us.

Do you drink a lot of water? Do you eat healthy and varied? Do you have a lot of stress every day? Are you happy?. All this sum of things can influence you negatively and perhaps you are not getting the most out of your skin.

In April I posted a video in which I told you news about my acne. You already know that I have suffered from it for approximately 12 years and already desperate I decided to make a decision. You can review it by clicking here.

After almost 3 months without taking dairy, I can say that I have lost weight (I can’t tell you how much, because the truth is that I have not stepped on a scale for a long time), but I feel more deflated, lighter and with skin to this day without a single grain. The marquitas are softening little by little, although I still have to give and sell because I have it very damaged. It is much finer, the pore is smaller, smoother. Although I am not going to deceive you and when my menstruation is going to come, at least the last one, I got a lot of comedones on the sides (my conflictive areas).

I do not want to extend much more, since in today’s post what I wanted is to tell you a little about how my skin was currently and some products that I am using. Do you feel like it? 😉

IMPORTANT: always use a suitable moisturizer for your skin type with a high protection factor. Be it spring, summer, fall or winter. Do you do it?

1. Daily care:

Anti-Pores Dilatés and Fluide Hydratant Matifiant Serum, ClarinsThey make a perfect outfit for keeping combination and oily skin at bay. It does not leave the skin sticky, the product is absorbed very quickly and the perfume they have is very rich. It is perfect for day and night treatment. The skin looks smoother, thinner and more hydrated. You know, the serum is applied first and then the fluid, always in that order 😉

Contains linden extract and green algae that hydrates and soothes the skin.

Clarins Fluide hydratant matifiant

2. Congested skin:

Oxigen Complex and Oxigen Cream, Natura Bissé: when I notice my skin with some pimples than another or as different from how I usually have it, (for example, in periods of more stress or period) it is a combo that I go to to attack the problem from the first moment. It can be used both day and night, always avoiding contact with hair because it lightens it slightly.

Contains stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide which, upon penetrating the skin, transforms into water and pure oxygen: moisturizing, lightening, purifying.

The Living Water, of great hydrating and remineralizing power, provides the skin with all the richness and benefits of the trace elements, vitamins and proteins of Spirulina Algae.. “

3. Dull skin:

Liposomal serum C-Vit and Glowing Fluid C-Vit Radiance, Sesderma: I am in love with these two products, seriously. Besides, something important that they have is that they carry “ascorbic acid” which is what provides vitamins and luminosity.

Cvit Sesderma

They are wonderful, both the serum and the fluid, the skin changes in a matter of seconds and it looks like full of life.

Prevents and treats skin photoaging caused by stress, tobacco, poor sleep … Provides a shot of light instantly and in the long term. Contains a powerful antioxidant cocktail with the latest generation vitamin C encapsulated in liposomes with high penetration into the skin. It also incorporates ginkgo biloba, quercetin and pterostilbene to neutralize all the damage caused by free radicals. “

I hope you liked today’s entry as it has been highly requested! Would you like me to also tell you about the current cleaning routine? 😉

Thank you very much for stopping by, rating the entry and leaving me a comment!

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