COOLIFTING: event in Barcelona

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Aloha girls! 😉

Are we going to stop with the week? It’s going to be great and the best thing is that everything depends on you! Smile and always have a positive attitude 😉

Today I finally find a space to tell you a little more in depth how the event was “Coolifting”Which I attended in Barcelona on May 18. Those who follow me through my social networks know a little what it consisted of. Even so, today I leave you a brief summary of what it was.

It was a fleeting trip since my plane left at 8:45 and I returned that same day at 7:00 p.m. Still I loved the experience and being able to see first-hand the pistol that produces a anti-aging effect of the skin without any type of surgery. Besides not only that, but they also attended the event: Patry Jordan, Dare To DIY, Gisela, Alejandra Prat, Vanessa Basanta, Mes Voyages à Paris, Lorena Vilanova and we had a very pleasant time of laughter 😉 “We are cool” 😛

Many of you asked me about the kind of kimono I was wearing, so I told you that I bought it in a small store called Baobab. It is very cool and comfortable. I’m glad you liked it!

I wanted to tell you this since now weddings, summer parties and various events are approaching in which at the end of the day we want to be perfect. It is a device that for now is only in Catalonia, but that you will soon be able to enjoy it in more cities in Spain 😉 It is basically a gun that projects a powerful flow of CO2 (It induces the formation of collagen and elastin, also increasing the oxygenation of the tissues) combining in a high concentration active nebulized under high pressure. The skin is more or less at 36 degrees, then a deep dermal reaction occurs that stimulates skin microcirculation. So what we get is a moisturizing, lifting and flash effect in a matter of barely 5 minutes. It is fast and the sensation when they are doing it is small and cool 🙂 It does not hurt and even relaxes. I wanted to try it because I could not stay with the desire! jijij It is also perfect for men too 😉 It can be used occasionally or as a long-term treatment. So this is like everything, the more sugar, the sweeter 🙂

With a single session I noticed the skin somewhat more luminous and better looking with the more unified tone.

Coolifting Aisha

Flash effect


* what each load contains

In the round of questions it came to mind if this treatment could go well for skin with spots, but they quickly told me that this one in particular does not, since the load it carries is more for hydration. In any case, if it works well, they will take another one with more specific components to treat them.

And then there was a brunch That I loved it, seriously, it was all very tasty and very healthy as well 😉 Isn’t everything so cute? :OR

Carlos Garralaga

Yummy brunch

What do you think? Have you ever heard of something like that?

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A thousand kisses and see you tomorrow!

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