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What color of nail polish makes your hands prettier? We tell you

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How to select the perfect shade for your nails

We know perfectly well that no matter how much someone tells you the color that does not suit your skin tone or constitution, if you like it, you like it. Before continuing reading, it is good to remember that the beauty of selecting a certain color is its great variety. It would be too boring if we just used one tone. Other factors such as our personality, the sensations that they show us or simply good memories occur.

Once the question has been clarified, it is always ideal to have as a reference a basic and fun guide to what to priori It will be great for sure, very safe. Today we are going to dig deeper to select the tone of nail color of the hands in the tone of the skin of the same. It is not necessary to be an ax in fashion to see from afar how the Nude are approaching so as not to leave in years.

So far fine, but what type of Nude is the one that best suits your skin type. A lighter one or a more intense hue? A glossy nude with a matte effect? ​​And what about the eternal crimson red color? This and other questions that you have surely asked yourself when looking at the drawer of the seasonal nail polish, we solve it in this article.

The nail polish that we will use on brown skin

When selecting a Nude nail polish For a skin with a particularly dark tone, we must bear in mind that not all Nude are the same, as we mentioned before. It would be ideal if you select the one that is closer to cinnamon or Beige. And when you want to put a more daring color using red, we recommend that it be bright and predominantly dark.

nail polish-mia-nailsA good example of these shades are, in the case of Nude Beige: Mia Cosmetics Luxury Nudes Ecru Nail Polish 11ml, while in the case of bright red, the ideal option could be: Mia Cosmetics Bull Blood Nail Polish 11ml.

Mia Cosmetics 9-Free line guarantees a perfect manicure free of the most irritating chemicals. In addition, it has the EAB brush, which provides us with a professional and uniform finish.

When it comes to using a much funnier color tone like blue or pink, go straight to caramel or blue and use them with an always light base. An example is brought to us in Blue by Mia Cosmetics Nail Polish Aqua Blue 11ml. For the pink tone: Mia Cosmetics Dahlia Blossom Nail Polish 11ml.

Light skin: the most appropriate nail color for themnail polish-mavala-pink

Something that we are all clear in terms of color tone in light skin is that the crimson red in them brings out the best. And, betting on a bright red is always a safe bet. The Cuzco 306 shade of Mavala Nail Polish 5ml is a clear example of nail polish that you can use with light-skinned hands. And as for the Nude tones, if before we chose to approach cinnamon, now we will do it towards pink. We recommend shade 086 Pink Silk from Beter Nail Care Youth Color Nail Polish.

Pintaunas-mia-azulWe also have as a basic that white is a luxury for brown skin, however, you do not have to do without it if you have fair skin. This is because the color white is even lighter than your skin, and highlights what we want to achieve with white. On the contrary that in the blue tone in the brown skins, now we will choose a deeper one by selecting a navy blue. Mia Cosmetics Midnight Sky Nail Polish 11ml is a very good option.

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