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This is the wart that can appear on your feet this summer

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What is papillomavirus?

The papilloma It is a wart that appears on different parts of the body. In this article we are going to focus on warts that appear on the feet, especially in the summer time. This wart appears due to the papilloma virus and reproduces due to the nuclei of squamous epithelial cells. In addition, you may also be familiar with causing infections related to female and male genital cancer.

These warts specifically refer to a benign tumor of wart-shaped epithelial cells. We are all susceptible to contracting this virus, however for some reason we are more likely to be infected in summer. Why? The reason for this seems to be quite obvious, and it is the contact. Relax transmitting this virus, it is not as simple as it seems at first.

How can we transmit the papillomavirus?

It has been proven that some factors can determine the appearance of these plantar warts. For example, sharing surfaces such as showers with other people in swimming pools or in a gym. These situations increase the chance that cells that are infected will come into contact with healthy cells and transmission will occur.

Likewise, you must be aware that they can transmit the virus without apparently having the known warts. This is because they usually take about two months to appear and all that period of time they are asymptomatic. As we have mentioned, showers where there is also humidity are the most suitable environment for the virus to spread to others. That is why in summer the cases of papilloma increase, and in fact the famous wart appears at this time.

How to remove plantar wart

Reducing viral activity is essential when the virus appears, in order to spread it to anyone.

The Cryotherapy It is the technique most used by dermatologists and specialists in hospitals and clinics for the removal of warts. Thanks to the intense cold applied, infected skin cells are destroyed and the virus is eliminated.

Scholl Stop Warts is an innovative treatment inspired by the method used by healthcare professionals. It is effective and safe and is especially suitable for hands and feet. It can be used by adults and children over 4 years old. In addition, it is not only indicated for warts on the feet, but also on the hands.

Urgo Warts Cryotherapy 38ml, meanwhile, has a safe, innovative and effective method to eliminate localized warts on the feet and hands at home. Its transparent applicator allows precise positioning on the wart, to freeze the root.

Cryopharma Freeze Warts is an effective treatment against warts, which works by freezing. It works in three phases: it freezes, forms a blister until it falls off and, after this, healthy skin grows. Those annoying and unsightly warts can now be eliminated thanks to this treatment that effectively eliminates them from the first application.

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