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Graffiti Nail Art: A different and modern manicure

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There are many ways to wear incredible nails, a thousand colors, combinations, trends … but it is possible that sometimes you run out of ideas. That is why today at Voonze we are going to bring you a very very cool idea: graffiti nail art.

It is a very popular and fun trend that will surely not leave you indifferent, do you want to know what it is about? Do you want to have nails that are the center of attention? Well, don’t miss it!

In this post, in addition to telling you what it consists of, we will teach you how to have perfect graffiti nails step by step and we will show you a few ideas so you can start right now.

Graffiti nail art… what is it?

graffiti nail art

This type of manicure consists, as its name suggests, in making a design very similar to graffiti on the nail. A totally different idea to traditional enamels and that undoubtedly draws a lot of attention for being very daring and modern.

What we like a lot about this manicure is its wide range of possibilities, since you can combine numerous shapes, colors, textures … to make your nails totally unique and ideal.

Today in the market there are Graffiti Nails enamels that make it much easier to apply this manicure, since once placed on the nails, they break, revealing the color underneath and creating a very cool graffiti effect.

Although doing it the old way is not very complicated either and leaves more possibilities for customization, being able to use all the colors we want, with the shapes and quantities we want.

Don’t worry, we will explain the two ways to get this beautiful graffiti nail art so that you can decide which one you like the most, so… what are you waiting for? We started!

Perform the Graffiti nail art manicure step by step

As we have just mentioned, there are two ways, both very simple, to apply this graffiti effect on the nails.

For the first form, you will need a special Graffiti Nail polish. Once you have it, the first thing is to select the color with which you are going to combine it, it is very important that both colors fit well so that the final result is as beautiful as possible.

Then, when you have chosen the colors to apply, you must prepare the nail, since it is useless to paint them if you do not have healthy nails. Wash and hydrate them so they look good and can be easily applied enamels.

Clever! It’s time to start with our Graffiti nail art, the first step is to apply the color you have chosen as a base. Spread it all over the nail evenly and let it dry for about four minutes.

Now, you will need the special graffiti polish, which is the one that will crack and reveal the polish that you applied in the previous step. We recommend that you apply it in a single pass so that the final result is ideal.

Little by little, more or less after thirty seconds, you will begin to see the results and how beautiful it is … isn’t it great?

The other way allows us a greater combination of colors and shapes, since it is fully customizable, although it is a bit more complicated, but it is still simple, let’s see it:

The first step is the same as in the previous method. You will simply have to choose the colors you want to use, prepare them and wash and hydrate your nails. You will also need a translucent nail polish so that the result is fixed and lasts longer.

Now, you should apply a white enamel base To make the chosen colors more striking, apply evenly and wait until it dries well.

Well it’s time to start apply the colors one by one, making shapes and drawings to your liking and mixing them all over the nail. It is important that you cover the entire nail and let it dry well.

If you can’t think of what forms to do, don’t worry, at the end of this post we will give you a series of ideas so that you can apply them or to inspire you and create your own designs.

By last, we will apply the translucent polish so that our ‘graffiti nails’ last longer… clever! What do you think? Have you followed your own style or have you preferred to start with some of the ideas that we have proposed?

In case some step has not been very clear to you, don’t worry, below you have a video in which you can see a correct application of this trend, you will see how simple!


Some great ideas for your nails.

With the special polish for graffiti nails, we will get a very daring cracked effect:

graffiti nail art

As you can see, with this method, what really influences when it comes to getting a striking manicure are the colors we choose.

graffiti nail art

With the other way, the range of ideas is much wider and you will see that not only the colors influence, but also the shapes that we decide to use and the way to distribute the colors, the number of them that we use, if they fit …

graffiti nail art

As we can customize it to our liking, the difficulty and the final result will range from a simple but effective combination of two colors, to a complex and original fruit design that is undoubtedly ideal to wear this summer.

graffiti nail art

Don’t wait any longer and start with this modern trend! Now you know what it consists of, the ways to do it and some ideas so you can start without problems. We recommend that you start with simple designs and gradually increase the degree of complexity.

And to you, what do you think of these graffiti nails? Graffiti nail art convinced you? Don’t be shy and tell us about it in the comments.

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