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Furry Nails – The Ultimate Furry Nail Extravaganza

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The latest madness that circulates on the net will not leave you indifferent. The extravagances in the world of makeup are the order of the day … have you heard of the furry nails? The hairy nails? Not? Relax, today you will get to know in depth this new trend ‘nail art’ from the hand of Voonze.com how much is giving to talk. An extravagant choice that has been chosen by great designers on catwalks such as New York, causing a stir worldwide. Next to this, there are other ‘crazy’ nail decoration proposals … do you want to know them?

If you stay until the end of this post you will discover:

What is the success of Furry Nails?

How to get hairy nails in three easy steps.

What is the success of Furry Nails?

The minds of designers and stylists always go further. On the catwalks, even the smallest detail is taken care of and if there is a reason to innovate, we innovate. That thought Jan Arnold, Co-Founder and Designer of CND Nail Polish, who wanted to go a little further in the universe of decorated nails. This is how he created Furry Nails o Hairy Nails.

The trend was born on the catwalks of the New York Fashion Week in 2016 by the hand of Libertine, a very avant-garde clothing brand that is always up to date. It has to be said that the effect of hairy nails did not leave anyone indifferent being one of the most extravagant trends of the last time.

What advantages can we find to Furry Nails? Think how cold your nails can get in winter, because with furry nails you can protect them in a different and striking way. And what drawbacks can they have? The truth is, they are not comfortable to wear for a long day, in addition to the hassle of removing them with nail polish remover, but they are fashionable nails and if you don’t try them, even at a costume party, you won’t know how they look.

How to get hairy nails? Just in 3 easy steps

To make this look so extravagant, Jan Arnold’s team first uses several layers of nail polish in cream tones, beige or white. One of the favorite nail lacquers of our clients is Opi’s, you can find it by doing click here.

Then, we choose the ‘hair’ of our nails, the size, the abundance and the tone of our furry manicure.

To fix the hair to the nail, we will have to use a Top Coat of shine and thus we will achieve the look of the moment, nails decorated in the purest ‘Wild’ style. The Catrice Ultra Stay & Gel Shine Top Coat is the chosen one, since it multiplies the duration of the manicure and is perfect for applying the hair on top. You may see it here.

Now that you know the hairy nail fashion, You won’t be surprised if we talk about manicures for your pet, right? And is that the Internet is both a source of wisdom and absurdity.

In the net sand Giving your pet a manicure has gone viral, but as always, there are those who see it as funny and those who are totally against it.

We advise you that, if you decide to paint your cat’s or dog’s nails, always use a chemical-free nail polish that is not harmful to them, since in its nature it is to lick the paws and if it licks the enamel it could suffer intoxication, and we do not want that. TOFurthermore, if you really love your fatigue partner, you don’t need to decorate it, you want it just the way it is.

And so we come to the end of the post, will you dare with Hairy Nails? Have you tried them already? Tell us what you think of this trend and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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