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How to know when a real hair loss is happening

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We know that the hair loss it is a biological process that occurs in most mammals. Hair grows for a variable period, from months to several years, depending on its health, to finally shed the scalp at the end of its life cycle. This cycle of growth and shedding of hair from the follicle is repeated more than twenty times for each follicle, and can be affected by factors such as: genetic, hormonal, stress, diet, medications, systemic diseases or conditions of the scalp, etc.

So finding some hair in our clothes, in the bathroom drain, on the study or work table, it is not significant to be able to conclude that hair loss is occurring.

Dermatologists have defined hair loss as a situation in which at least 100 hairs per day fall out per day. This figure can increase much more in severe or intense falls.

What is the normal cycle of a hair?

As we discussed before, hair grows from a hair follicle. The hair follicle is genetically determined with a number of cycles, approximately twenty, where the hair will go through a growth phase or anagen phase, with an average duration of 6 years. This anagen phase is continued for a catagen phase, lasting approximately 3 months in which the hair will gradually shed from the scalp, and finally will enter a falling phase or telogen phase, which lasts for about three weeks and at the end of it, the hair falls out.

This three-phase process is a hair cycle: a hair follicle can have up to 20 consecutive cycles, in which the hair grows, sheds and falls.

What are the indicators that I am losing more hair than normal?

The first person who usually notices more hair loss is yourself. Suddenly you start to see more hair on the clothes you are wearing, on the pillow, etc.

Another indicator of hair loss is usually a close partner or person who confidently realizes that the person has lost hair.

Can fallen hair be recovered?

With this question we want to classify whether hair loss is reversible or irreversible.

The state of the hair follicle is what determines whether the hair of that follicle will grow back or not. If the follicle has exhausted the number of cycles it had determined, that follicle will not have the ability to grow new hair, resulting in hair loss irreversible: hair will not grow back.

If he hair follicle it has not exhausted all its cycles, the hair will be able to grow back and we are then in a hair loss reversible.

It is therefore very important to stop hair loss in time to prevent the follicle from exhausting the predetermined cycles and new hair can continue to grow after the previous one has fallen.

How to avoid hair loss?

There are many factors that influence hair loss. Among them, we highlight the genetic factors and the hormonal factors. Of these factors we cannot avoid their action on the duration of the hair cycles, although we can take measures to stop hair loss when it is detected that it falls at a higher rate than usual in order to prevent the follicle from depleting.

If for any situation it is important to have a good diet, a restful sleep and follow a healthy lifestyle, we must not forget them to maintain good hair health. We must associate them with a good treatment to stop hair loss in the first stages of hair loss, in order to stop it as soon as possible.

To stop hair loss, you can use anti-hair loss shampoos, such as Pilexil shampoo (add link) suitable for all types of hair loss, and anti-hair loss lotions such as Pilexil ampoules (add link) and Pilexil spray forte (add link). Depending on the type of hair loss, we will choose the Normal range or the Forte range if we are in front of a chronic hair loss, abundant and / or intense. Ask the pharmacist the most suitable range for you. And as a complement you have the Pilexil Capsules (add link), in the Normal range and in the Forte range and Pilexil Strensia capsules for accelerated life rhythms.

All these products act on the hair follicle. You must have patience and perseverance.

Healthy hair grows an average of 1 centimeter per month. So, being able to detect new hair that appears from the scalp is not an easy task due to the low visibility they offer during the first month. That is why it is recommended wait until 3 months to check that there is new hair and that the treatment has been effective. If a brand promises results sooner, do not trust, because it will be very difficult to visually verify its effectiveness

Hair is a reflection of the health and age of the person. A neat and healthy hair is shiny, grows normally and its attachment to the scalp is strong.

Hair therefore says a lot about you.

What basic care should I have?

We have already commented throughout the post: we remember the main points:

  1. Lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  2. At the slightest sign of hair loss, go to the pharmacy and ask for the best treatment to stop hair loss.
  3. Pilexil understands your hair loss situation and therefore offers a wide range of specific products to stop hair loss. Ask for yours.

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