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How to keep static electricity in your hair at bay

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There are days or times of the year when you don’t know what to do with your hair, because it is untamed and electrified. Is static electricity it appears and disappears in the hair depending on different factors and situations. An unsuitable shampoo, the weather, age, air pollution, lack of hydration or the state of mind, can cause the hair to “electrify”.

In this post we are going to give some tips to keep the static energy “electrified hair” in your hair at bay and try to take care of it, since many times it is also frizzy. If you take them into account, your electrified hair will thank you:

1. Avoid washing your hair frequently

There are people who have the need to wash their hair daily and even more than once a day. In these cases, it may happen that with the daily washing of an aggressive shampoo, the protective film that covers the hair is being eliminated by the soaps of the shampoo formula, leaving dry and dehydrated hair that easily becomes frizzy due to electrostatic charge.

2. Search specific products for hair care

Hair is made up of a delicate structure that must be cared for so that its properties are maintained. We are especially referring to the protective greasy film of the hair that is damaged by aggressive products such as detergents in shampoos.

We recommend using products and shampoos with formulas that include vitamins with a pH suitable for the scalp and hair, with mild surfactants that rehydrate the hair.

It is also advisable to complement the wash with masks or moisturizing products.

3. Use combs and / or brushes suitable

We recommend the use of combs and / or brushes that prevent the hair from having static electricity.

4. Take care of the feeding

Eating a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables with antioxidant properties can help.
Frizzy hair is hair that can be affected by cellular oxidation processes. From an adequate diet we can recover the natural properties of the hair. On some occasions we can go to specific nutritional supplements for hair, with vitamins and minerals that help hair care.

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