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How to care for your hair with these tips

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Hair is one of the characteristic structures of mammals that protects the scalp from external aggressions. In the case of the human being, it reveals the age and characteristics around that person, race, quality of life, diseases, medications, concerns, etc.

The type of hair is genetically determined, as well as the number of hair cycles. Each of us inherits – along with eye color and height – the number of hair cycles that correspond to us.

How to wash your hair properly?

The way in which we wash our hair can influence its good health. Aspects such as which hair mask to use or the frequency of washing are essential in the day to day.

Masks and shampoos

Hair treatments are similar to skin care. That is why it is advisable to keep it healthy and hydrated with conditioning masks. As well as eliminating excess fat by washing it with suitable shampoos that do not cause a rebound effect, that is, the appearance of more fat. The hair is not adapted to a shampoo but rather the use of quality shampoos suitable for our hair type it is the best care we can offer you. So if it works for you, don’t change it.

The same happens with the false belief that the use of certain substances can accelerate hair growth. it’s possible prevent hair loss by using hair loss shampoos, but not making it grow faster.

Washing frequency

Regarding hair washing, it is important to know that, if you wash daily, use a shampoo that is used frequently, without aggressive components for the structure of the hair itself and that maintains the pH of the scalp.

Regarding the misconception that it is harmful to wash your hair daily, indicate that the use of aggressive shampoos that damage the hair fiber is harmful regardless of the frequency of use, so it is advisable to use a good shampoo, which guarantees daily care.

Water temperature

The use of very hot water affects the structure of the hair, so we recommend wash your hair at a low temperature, taking body temperature as a reference and being able to increase or decrease it by five degrees more or less.

Other important tips for healthy hair

There are other common habits that affect the care of our hair and that directly affect its health. It is important to know them to avoid any damage to our scalp.

Hair dryer and straighteners

It is convenient do not overuse heat sourcesIn other words, do not use the dryer for long periods or at maximum power. Nor should it be used assiduously to use hair straighteners.

Nutrition for hair

We recommend a good diet that includes fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins and cereals. Food is one of the external factors to take into account also in hair loss and in maintaining its strength and density. In the case of needing an additional supplement, there are special nutritional supplements to maintain strength and density.


Rest also influences our hair health. Getting a good quality of sleep will positively influence this aspect.

If you follow these tips you can have healthy and beautiful hair, and your hair, in the long run, will notice the difference.

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