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How does genetic inheritance affect male pattern baldness?

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Well, it affects a lot. Because among the genetic inheritance that we receive from our parents, we inherit the sensitivity towards the behavior of the hair follicle.

If your father has little hair, you are probably wondering if you are going to be “lucky” and keep your hair or are you going to have to do something to keep it from falling out.

Hair loss has a high hereditary and / or genetic component, but there are many other reasons that influence hair loss.

How is baldness inherited?

The baldness produced by genetic component is generated through the influence of male hormonal activity. Y it can be inherited from the father but also from the mother’s family.

If my father or my grandfather suffer from alopecia, am I going to suffer from it too?

If this is so, that your grandfather or your father have lost their hair, you have a good chance that you also have that predisposition, although it is not 100% certain, and in the same way that a child with blue eyes can have parents with brown eyes, a son with a lot of hair can have a father and / or grandfather with little hair.

Is it possible to predict the degree of baldness that I will inherit?

The degree of baldness cannot be predicted that an individual will inherit because many factors influence, some internal and many external.

Is alopecia hereditary?

Not all alopecia is hereditary. Some are due to hormonal alterations that have nothing to do with heredity or genetics, such as post-menopausal alopecia or postpartum alopecia. Nor are stress alopecia, bad eating habits, drug intake, disease alopecia, etc. hereditary.

What day-to-day habits are detrimental to my hair health?

Hair is a biologically dead structure that originates from the hair bulb, making it part of the body. When the body is not nourished in a balanced and complete way and the rest it needs is not given, reactions can be triggered that set in motion mechanisms that accelerate the hair cycle, favoring hair loss. There are many situations that cause hair loss, being stress one of the most frequent.

For all this we recommend having healthy lifestyle habits, and if at any time it is observed that there is a hair loss of more than 100 hairs a day, go to the specialist (doctor and / or pharmacist) to start the best treatment to stop hair loss.

If you act in time, there is a solution.

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