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Hairstyles that set trends from the 50s to the 90s

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Do you know what were the hairstyles that were successful in the 50s? And in the 90s? Next, we will take a journey through history and discover the hairstyles that have triumphed in each decade.

In the 50’s the sculpted curls hairstyle, Marilyn Monroe style, and if the hair was blonde, even better. The hairstyles with waves, with clear inspiration in Gilda. An iconic hairstyle in those years was the high bun by Audrey Hepburn, and the so-called garçon cut, which left the sensual nape exposed.

The The 60s It was a stage of change and innovation, and that was also reflected in the hairstyles. One of the unforgettable cuts of the 60s was the Twiggy, which consisted of wearing short hair to the side and behind the ears, giving an elegant appearance. The flick It is another of the hairstyles that were most successful among women of the time. In this type of hairstyle, the hair fell to the shoulders and the ends curved slightly upwards.

We must not forget the famous bob haircut, created by famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, a cut in which the hair is longer in the front than in the nape. And another of the most acclaimed haircuts devised by this hairdresser was the “wash and go“, Whose objective was that women could look perfect without going to the hairdresser.

In the 70s he was very popular afro hairstyle, both in the case of women and men. And another hairstyle that was very successful in that decade was the carded manes, and also the long and smooth manes with a stripe in the middle. On the other hand, many women also chose to look collected with braids.

In the 80’s They wanted to break the mold and the looks of the time reveal it: the hairstyles were very exaggerated, ornate and voluminous. Very bold tones and hairstyles with bangs or very marked curls abounded. In this decade the hairstyle of Farrah fawcett, with her weathered and curly hair with lots of “air”, which was created for her by stylist Allen Edwards.

And in the 90s? At that time it was preferred to wear the hair down, with the hair falling on the shoulders. On the other hand, the grunge style, and not only in the hair but also in the way of dressing. To sport a grunge look, she wore her hair messy and tousled. In the 90s, the hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston looked in the series Friends: The Rachel-style haircut, which was puffy at the top and cut in layers.

Surely many of these hairstyles can be recovered today. As we have recalled numerous times on our blog, it is important use the right quality products to keep hair healthy. Having strong and healthy hair is essential so that, whatever hairstyle you wear, your hair always looks radiant.

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