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Hair in mythology

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As we have spoken in previous articles, hair was a very special part of the body for ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Greeks or Romans. How could it be otherwise, hair was also reflected in mythology, being a characteristic element of gods and other classic characters.

A clear example is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, who she sported long blonde hair. Her beautiful hair was reflected in the painting “The Birth of Venus”, by Botticelli.

Another woman who also had long hair is Psyche, a princess of such extraordinary beauty that Aphrodite was jealous of her and that she managed to fall in love with Eros (Cupid), the god of love.

In mythology, another woman of great beauty who had a pretty and lush hair is Pandora, the first woman on earth, whom Hephaestus, the god of fire, molded in the image and likeness of the immortal goddesses.

We also find Calypso, known as’ la de las beautiful braids’, which, as the name suggests, wore long braids and stood out for its beauty and harmonious voice. Calypso was the nymph who took care of Odysseus when he came to Nettle Island and fell in love with him.

In addition to these mythological female characters whose hair and beauty were admired and desired by other goddesses, nymphs or womenIn mythology we find stories in which hair plays a fundamental role in the development of events. For example, that of jellyfish.

The story explains that jellyfish she had a characteristic that differentiated her from the rest of her sisters: she was the only mortal and the most beautiful of all. Such was her beauty that she dazzled Poseidon and he wanted to seduce her. This provoked the wrath of Athena, who punished Medusa by turning her into a soulless monster who petrified anyone who looked her in the eye. Furthermore, Aphrodite, jealous of Medusa’s beautiful hair, did not settle for this punishment and turned Medusa’s hair into snakes.

On the other hand we also find the Samson’s story, which in this case is a biblical story. Legend has it one day an angel came and told Samson’s parents that they would have a very special son, that God had chosen him to rule Israel, and that he would have the gift of strength. But Samson he had a weak point: his hair. When it was cut, he was weakened and lost what made him so special.

As we can see, hair has played an important role in mythological stories and numerous times it has been a symbol of beauty and power.

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