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Fall Hair Loss: Why Fall Hair Fall Out

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Hair falls out more in autumn. Is a reality. And you may wonder why this phenomenon occurs that worries so many people.

Does fall hair really fall out more?

There are several theories about hair loss in fall.

One confirms that when they return from vacation the accelerated rhythms of life that cause hair loss. Another theory confirms that with good weather the hair loss phase is delayed so that with the arrival of autumn, all hair that had not fallen in good weather, falls in autumn.

Whatever the theory of hair loss, the truth is that many people in autumn feel like they lose more hair than usual and look a solution to stop hair loss.

How the cold and the wind affect my hair

The good news is that cold and wind are not related to hair loss. The cold that carries with it is changes in temperature, because we usually go from indoors with heating to outdoors where the temperature is low. And it is indoors and with heating where hair suffers from dehydration and dryness due to heating and high temperatures.

Sometimes hair becomes rough and matte due to dehydration from heating and sudden changes in temperature. To compensate for this situation, products that hydrate the hair and rebalance the amount of water in the hair can be used. The Pilexil range stops hair loss, while nourishing it, repairing it, promoting its growth, and providing vitamins, a solution for dehydrated hair.

The Wind moves the hair and if it has hair loss problems, it can finish pulling it out.

If you see that your hair falls out a lot during this autumn period, you can ask your pharmacist for advice on the range of Pilexil nutritional supplements suitable for hair. You must make a 3-month plan and after this time you will see how your hair thanks you.

Alopecia is the word that is used to describe excessive hair loss, exceeding 100 hair loss per day and regardless of what or what have been the reasons why the hair has fallen.

Excessive hair loss is a process that can be reversed but with time. We will need to use products that stop hair loss for at least 3 months to see if the hair has stopped falling. If the time of use is shorter, it is more difficult to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product. Let us remember that there are a series of phases of the hair cycle whose duration is not varied with the use of anti-hair loss products, and therefore we will not be able to see the effectiveness of the product until the end of these phases (of average duration 3 months).

To the question whether air drying your hair in the fall can harm your hair, the answer is no. Air-dried hair does not suffer from temperature changes or burn. The only thing that happens with low temperatures and damp hair is that you can catch a cold, but for hair, natural drying in the open air is not harmful.

Hats in autumn protect the scalp from cold and wind. You have to be careful when separating them from the hair, not to pull any hair.

Hair care

Hair, like any other part of the body, must be cared for and pampered. Avoid bad eating habits, poor quality of life, sudden changes in temperature or very high temperatures. Comb your hair gently without pulling and without pulling your hair. If you wear hats, take them off carefully avoiding dragging hair. Some tips to take care of and strengthen your hair: hydrate, stimulate, protect and nourish.

If you see that the hair falls too much, see if you have gone through a period of stress that can affect the hair cycle. Hair usually falls out after a few weeks have passed since the stress started.

Other hair loss factors that you should know are the use of certain medications or alterations of the body, diseases, family history, inappropriate eating habits, etc. Many are the factors that cause an increase in hair loss, and sometimes several act together.

Consult with your pharmacist the most appropriate treatment for your type of hair loss.

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