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Does gray hair prevent hair loss?

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Through this article we are going to deny many of the hoaxes that circulate on social networks.

If you read the whole article you can get an idea of the relationship between gray hair and hair loss.

How and why does gray hair appear?

To explain the reason why a gray hair appears, we must clarify that everyone’s hair has different shades that make up different colors. The hair structure contains pigments (melanin) that are responsible for hair color and also the color of the skin, except that of albino people who have white hair due to lack of this pigmentation, and here we also include people with gray hair who are hair without pigmentation.

There are two types of melanins in hair: eumelanin, which is a darker pigment and occurs in very dark hair, and pheomelanins, lighter pigments that are part of lighter hair.

The hair and skin color is an inherited trait just like eye color, or height, or build, etc.

Over the years, the formation of these natural pigments decreases, and that is why the hair color also varies with the passage of time. When the synthesis of these pigments is exhausted, gray hair begins to appear, which are capillary structures without the natural pigment. So that a gray hair is a hair without pigment color.

The appearance of gray hair also has a genetic component, so that we can find families with gray hair from a very young age, and even families where there is a characteristic white streak in several of the components of the same family.

In one of our past articles we dealt with one of the big questions about gray hair. Is there a way to prevent or delay the appearance of gray hair? Aging is the main reason for the presence of graying hair.

What causes the appearance of gray hair?

We have advanced that age is a factor for the appearance of gray hair. Another factor is the genetics and inheritance of these genes.

And all the other factors that appear on the networks and that they say contribute to the appearance of gray hair as a scare, or a problem, or poor diet, or environmental pollution, etc. is not sufficiently verified.

Does the appearance of gray hair prevent hair loss?

Not flatly. Gray hair is the absence of pigmentation in the hair structure, and hair loss it is related to the hair cycle. And therefore The popular myth that if there is gray hair there is no hair loss is not true.

And hair loss does not cause the appearance of gray hair. They are different mechanisms.

No factor associates any relationship between gray hair and hair loss. No relationship. So there are people with gray hair and hair loss and people with gray hair and no hair loss.

The only relationship between hair loss and gray hair is that both procedures mostly occur with age. The older, the older, the more hair loss and more gray hair. Usually. On average. Although there will always be families with a lot of hair despite age and without gray despite age. There are always exceptions.

Will pulling out a gray hair make me grow longer or will it stimulate hair loss?

Pulling out hair without pigment, that is, a gray hair, will not stimulate more hair to grow. This would be a way, then, to grow hair. So no more hair grows from pulling one out. And therefore no more gray hair grows by pulling out a gray hair.

Take care of your hair. If you have questions about which treatment to use, ask your pharmacist.

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