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Can a sunburn on the scalp cause alopecia?

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What is the scalp?

It’s about the area of ​​the skin that covers the skull, and is highly vascularized. In addition, it is an area that in principle is covered by hair. All these characteristics make this leather a very delicate element as well as elastic and resistant.

The hair helps protect the scalp from solar radiation and external aggressions, in addition to fulfilling an obvious aesthetic function.

The scalp is made up, like the rest of the skin of the body, by 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. The hair follicle is located in the layer of the dermis from where the hair develops.

What characteristics does it have?

Is a very thin skin, not very thick, and differs from other skin areas because it concentrates a large number of blood vessels and is protected by hair.

On the other hand, this area of ​​the skin is (except when using caps or hats) exposed to external aggressions (both weather and heating, air conditioning etc). The rest of the skin can be protected with clothing or cosmetic daily care.

Can I use sunscreen on my scalp?

Although it has natural protection to protect itself from heat, UV radiation, cold, etc. hairy scalp needs to be careful with prolonged sun exposures. The most effective and simple measure is to protect the head with a hat or cap.

If there is a shortage of hair, the scalp is more exposed to inclement weather. In these cases sunscreen can be used for the scalp or opt for a hat, visor or any accessory that helps cover the head.

Alopecia people, with the scalp practically depopulated of hair, have to protect it from the start from sun exposure to avoid further injury.

Can hair get sunburned?

Faced with prolonged sun exposure, hair loses water and becomes dehydrated, changing its appearance. Solar radiation stimulates melanin synthesis, both the scalp and hair. After a few days of sun exposure, hair may slightly change color. In cases where the melanin in the hair is not enough, the hair suffers from sun radiation.

How to treat a sunburned scalp?

Both the skin in general, and the scalp in particular, are at risk of triggering problems that sometimes end in skin alterations. Since the skin not protected from solar radiation can undergo changes that alter its structure, it is very important, protect burned scalp, and treat it daily with hydrating and regenerating products.

A sunburn can cause a scar on the scalp, directly affect the hair follicle, and leading, in some cases, to alopecia. Depending on the viability of the follicle, it will be temporary, until the follicle can regenerate, or even permanent.

Conclusion: A sunburn alopecia is a situation that must be prevented. It requires a damaged, sensitive scalp and prolonged and / or intense sun exposure over time. Now that summer is beginning, we recommend taking care of your hair and your head from external aggressions. Your hair and scalp will thank you.

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