Bluetti AC300+B300 review: this is life with a 3000W solar power station for your home…or the end of the world

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1649558751 840 560.jpeg

The access to electricity It is a very topical topic. Whether for savings, availability or a possible collapse of the system, there are those who want to have a source of electrical energy independent of the traditional system. For what it could happen.

In reality, power stations like the Bluetti AC300 that we have tested in EuroXliverespond more to a demand for a giant UPS for the home (or workplace), a massive 3000W portable power source to go to the most remote place that we can think of or, who knows, to look for life before the end of civilization as we know it. Be that as it may, we have tested one of the most complete solutions on the market and we are ready for whatever comes next.

Technical sheet of the Bluetti AC300+B300

Dimensions and weight

52 x 32 x 35.8cm (AC300) // 52 x 32 x 26.6cm (B300)

21.6kg (AC300) // 36kg (B300)


3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

sun input

Up to 2400W

battery capacity

3072Wh (B300)


3500+ (to 80%)

cell type


ports (AC300)

AC output: 230V, 50Hz, 3000W (6000W Maximum)

USB output: 2 x 5V/3A USA-A // 2 x 18W USB-A 18W // 1x 100W USB-C

Wireless charging: 2x15W

Car Entry Port: 11.5-14.5V; 23-29V, 7.9-8.4A

DC port: 1 x RV Port // 1 x 24V/10A Cigarette Lighter Port

AC input: 3000W max

Solar input 2400W (12-150V) : Max 12A

AC+Solar input: 5400W Max (requires less than two B300)


Supports up to 4xB300


Combo AC300 + B300 (4449 euros)

3000 W available to save or take us wherever we want

A friend is convinced that when the current civilization collapses, the key to survival will be knowing how to grow your own food and, if necessary, having a renewable energy source and above all that it works in any place and condition. The orchard already has it, as well as the knowledge of a gardener.

The Bluetti AC300 charging station requires the B300 battery modules as it does not have its own integrated battery

For the latter, you could use a power station that has a large capacity and also supports solar charging. That’s just the Bluetti AC300 power stationthe most ambitious of the brand and one of the most complete in the consumer market.

The Bluetti AC300 power station offers a 3000W continuous and stable power outputwhich, as we will see later, could reach 6000 W under certain installations that require an element as a switchboard.

The Bluetti power station is not a gadget to use. It is of considerable size, well built and although weighs 21.6kgits integrated handles allow it to be moved by one person, although it is not recommended.

The 3000 W that the AC300 power station can offer is enjoyed by a huge number of connectors and ports, including six 220/240 V sockets and two wireless charging zones.

The Bluetti AC300 has a design thought to be able to be placed in a safe and stable way on the different B300 units (upside down) that it needs to work, since, despite its appearance and size, does not have its own built-in battery.

The large size of the Bluetti AC300 power station provides you with plenty of space to offer a huge connectivity.

Bluetti In Car Resource Onterior Cocge

The main one is located in front of the station and consists of six 220/240 V DC connectors (20A) that support a maximum of 3000W, one 12V (30A) and one 24V (10A) output that cannot be used simultaneously, as well as a USB charging area consisting of a USB-C connector 100 W and two USB-A (18 W).

A very geeky touch of this Bluetti AC300 station is the dual 15W wireless charging zone located in the upper area. And all the connectors and plugs are protected with a rubber cover, some of which should improve their closure because they are not very stable.

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The operation of the AC300 power station, by the way, is completely silent. Literally. The only noise that we will appreciate is the beep that warns us that the battery is at its limit and will run out in seconds or that the battery has been disconnected.

Modular charging station (or giant UPS)

As we have anticipated, despite its large size and weight, the charging station Bluetti AC300 it does not have its own battery. In order to use it, it is necessary that we have battery modules that we connect instantly using the two direct connectors located on one side of the station. The kit that we have tested in EuroXliveincludes a B300 unit with 3,072Wh capacity.

The maximum scalability of the AC300 stations would allow a power generation system of 6,000 W and autonomy of more than 12,000 Wh.

An important advantage of this Bluetti kit is that it is a modular system in which we can integrate from a up to four batteries, for a total of more than 12,000 Wh. In addition, and already with a special module of the brand itself, it is possible to combine two of these combinations in a single system to achieve a 6000 W continuous power generation system.

B300 General Image

The size and weight (36 kg) of the B300 battery is very considerable

Those energy storage modules can be hot plugged and unplugged, as discussed below. If we add the fact that they can be charged independently, a station is configured that never has to run out of available power.

The Bluetti power station can also be connected to the main home network through a specific module (around 1,400 euros) with the ultimate goal of acting as a great UPS for the home. Thus, when the main network suffers a drop or blackout, the 3000 W power station is in charge of maintaining the operation of the appliances and electrical systems of the house during the emergency.

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A 36 kg Powerbank that you can charge with solar energy

An interesting point of the Bluetti B300 batteries is that by themselves can act as energy sources, yes, only to recharge specific devices and that support the available connectors. Imagine a Powerbank of more than 35 kg and you will be right.

Each Bluetti B300 battery module offers a capacity of 3,072 Wh but weighs more than 35 kg

These Bluetti B300 units have their own power button and connectivity consisting of one USB-C port (100 W) and one USB-A (18 W), as well as a 12V/10A connection for cigarette lighter connections.

Iphone Charging With B300

B300 battery charge panel, with percentage indicators, charge on button and another unit general button

The maintenance of these Bluetti batteries requires charging every, at least, 3-6 months according to the manufacturer. use cells LifePo4 with a life cycle of more than 3500 loads (80%)going down to 50% capacity from approximately 6000 load.

B300 Load Connectors

The Bluetti B300 battery charging port ready to connect to solar panels of 200 W maximum

Although as we will see below, the B300 batteries win by being connected to the AC300 station for recharging, they can be independently loaded using different sources, from plugs to solar panels, although being limited to an input of 200 W for said solar charge. That limitation is removed when we resort to charging