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Do you want to know how to block hidden calls on your landline or smartphone, iPhone or Android? In this guide, we detail the procedure to follow, step by step.

Many landline or mobile phone users regularly receive unwanted calls. This often involves solicitation, but it can be much more serious. Telephone scams and premium rate numbers are becoming more and more widespread. If you too are tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers, and you no longer want to be disturbed, know that there are several solutions to put an end to this type of nuisance and block a phone number.

How to block hidden calls on iPhone?

Previously, iPhone users did not have the ability to block or reject hidden calls. They were therefore forced to switch their phones to “do not disturb” mode to no longer receive calls for a given period of time. However, this option blocks all their incoming calls, even the most important ones.
Today, it has become possible to automatically reject hidden calls on new versions of iPhone thanks to the activation of the “Silent stranger calls” option.

This function prevents you from any inconvenience in the event that you receive a call from a hidden number. It can be activated by following these steps:

  1. Access your “iPhone Settings”
  2. Tap the “Phone” section
  3. Look for the option “Silent unknown calls”
  4. Click the toggle switch to activate it

Your changes will be taken into account automatically. This way, hidden calls will be sent directly to your voicemail. And, you will be able to find them in the list of your recent calls.

To unblock unknown numbers, simply repeat the same actions by clicking the toggle switch a second time to deactivate the “Silent unknown calls” option.

How to block hidden calls on Android?

If you have an Android smartphone and you no longer want to be bothered by anonymous numbers, you can automatically block calls that bother you by following these instructions:

  1. Open the “Phone” application on your smartphone
  2. Tap the “More options” section (3 vertical dots)
  3. Go to the “Settings” of your Android
  4. Select the “Block numbers” section
  5. Slide the toggle switch to enable “Unknown Caller Blocking”

There is not necessarily just one way to block hidden calls on Android, methods of blocking anonymous numbers vary depending on the versions and brands of smartphones, here are some for the most popular brands:

How to block hidden calls on a Samsung smartphone?

To block calls from hidden numbers on a Samsung smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Access the “Phone” application
  2. Tap three horizontal dots at the top right
  3. Go to the “Settings” of your Samsung
  4. Click on the “Block numbers” option
  5. Slide the toggle switch to enable “Unknown Caller Blocking” option

You can also block hidden calls from the list of your “Recent calls” or “Contacts” by following this procedure:

  1. Go to the “Phone” application on your Samsung
  2. Go to the “Recent Calls” or Contacts” section
  3. Select the number to block
  4. Tap the information icon (i)
  5. At the bottom, tap “Block”

If you want to unblock this number later, you will just have to do exactly the same operation again, but instead of pressing Block, you can press Unblock.

How to block a hidden call with a Huawei smartphone?

If you own a Huawei smartphone, you can easily block anonymous calls in a few steps:

  1. Tap the “Phone” icon on your home screen
  2. Click on the three vertical dots of the “Adjustment” menu
  3. Tap the “Intercept” box
  4. Select the “Call interception rules” section
  5. Toggle the switches to activate the two options “Intercept when unknown numbers” and “Intercept when unidentified/hidden numbers”

Thus, calls from hidden numbers will be immediately rejected.

How to block a hidden call on a Xiaomi smartphone?

If you have a Xiaomi mobile, follow this procedure to no longer be disturbed by anonymous or hidden calls:

  1. Touch the “Phone” icon on the screen of your Xiaomi
  2. Access the “Menu”
  3. Click on “Call Settings”
  4. Then select “Call rejection”
  5. Check the “Hidden call” box

Otherwise, you can simply:

  1. Go to your recent calls list
  2. Press the unwanted number
  3. Choose “Block”

By performing either of these two methods, all your received hidden calls will be automatically blocked.

How to block hidden calls on landlines?

You can automatically block hidden calls from your landline.

If you are an SFR customer, you can:

  • Activate the “Block unknown number” option by dialing *82#
  • Go to your “SFR Box administration interface” then:
  1. Go to the “Telephony” category
  2. Click on the “Manage your options” section
  3. Activate the “Reject anonymous calls” option
  • Register on the red list so that your number cannot be found in the white pages directory, to do this:
  1. Access your SFR Box administration area »
  2. Identify yourself
  3. Click on the “Contract and contact details” section
  4. Select “Directory declaration”
  5. Go to “My publication choices” and choose the settings that suit you

If you are an Orange customer:

  • Register your number on the red list by following these steps:
  1. Go to your “Orange customer area”
  2. Identify yourself
  3. Access the “Management of directory publication” section
  4. Select your landline
  5. Check “appear on red list”
  6. After 3 days your number will be included on the Orange operator’s red list
  • Subscribe your number to the “Orange Stop Pub option” by contacting Orange customer service. This option guarantees you hidden call blocking for only €2/month without commitment.

If you are a Bouygues Telecom customer:

  • Here’s what you need to do to block hidden calls:
  1. Go to your “Bouygues Telecom configuration interface”
  2. Identify yourself
  3. Go to the “Phone” section
  4. Select the “Call settings” box
  5. Click on the “Filter hidden numbers” option

If you are a Free customer:

  • You can dial *351# from your landline or go to your “Freebox subscriber area” to register and activate the “Call filtering” service.

Of course, whether you are on a landline, an Android smartphone or an iPhone, you always have the option of unblocking hidden calls at any time.


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