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Blizzard Executive Leaves Company Over Toxic Employee Review System

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It is not today that complaints and controversies related to Activision Blizzard arise. After so many problems, the company seemed to have finally got on track through a new internal policy, in addition to also starting the process of merging with Microsoft.

Apparently, the internal problems still exist and this caused a manager to resign this week.

Bloomberg reports that Brian Birmingham, who has been a chief software engineer at Blizzard for the past 17 years, has left the company due to the ‘mass ranking’ team evaluation method.

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The mass grading method requires managers to rate staff on a curve—as part of this, managers have had to lower the grades of about 5% of employees, who are cut from profit-sharing bonuses, and also not be considered for possible job promotions.

According to the Bloomberg story, Birmingham was forced to downgrade an employee’s rating from ‘successful’ to ‘developing’ (the lower scale) in order to meet a quota, a demand that contributed to Birmingham’s decision to step down. .

In his farewell email, Birmingham highlighted how the system is harmful to the team.

When the team leaders asked why we had to do this, the World of Warcraft directors explained that while they didn’t agree, the reasons given by the executive leadership were that it was important to squeeze out the worst performers as a way to ensure everyone continued to grow.

This type of policy encourages competition among employees, sabotage of each other’s work, the desire for people to find underperforming teams where they can be the top performers, and ultimately erodes trust and destroys trust. the creativity.

If this policy can be reversed, maybe my Blizzard can still be saved, and in that case, I’d love to continue working there. If this policy cannot be reversed, then the Blizzard Entertainment I want to work for no longer exists and I will have to find another place to work.

On his Twitter, the manager spoke more about the situation and said how things started to improve after the company’s culture change, but there is still much to be done.

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