Blackview BL9000: all about the new rugged 5G flagship

blackview bl9000 1.jpg
blackview bl9000 1.jpg

blackview has been surprising us all week with its latest news and today we want to talk to you in detail about the new blackview BL9000. A rugged smartphone (shock, water and dust resistant), with the ability to withstand drops of up to five meters, immersion of up to fifteen meters, weight of up to 20 tons… and much more. Your motto? “Enabling smart living for more people.”

Without leaving aside the latest technological innovations (5G, WiFi 6, good performance, powerful cameras…), this new Blackview BL9000 It arrives loaded with good specifications and many possibilities that we want you to know today. How are we going to do it? In a very simple way. Giving you five reasons to buy this smartphone. Here we go.

Blackview BL9000 specs

Features of the Blackview BL9000 and your reasons to buy it

Reason #1: Dual screen

What stands out most in this new range of Blackview devices is that the manufacturer has chosen to include a double screen with a revolutionary method that we had not seen until now. In this case, this Blackview BL9000 arrives with a 1.3 inch circular rear screen protected by CORNING GORILLA GLASS 7. From it we can see how beautiful we are before taking a photo, control the framing, but also see other shortcuts, for example, to the clock, the music player, notifications, among others .

For its part, the main screen has a size of 6.78 inches 2.4K FHD+ and it also has the same protection to guarantee its resistance. This display offers a dynamic 120 Hz refresh rate, 600 nits of brightness and TÜV SÜD protection to protect our eyesight.

Blackview BL9000 1

Reason #2: Excellent performance and lots of storage

In a smartphone we cannot leave aside the issue of performance. In this case, this Blackview BL9000 stands out with its processor Dimensions 8020his Mali-G77 GPUits RAM memory up to 24 GB and its internal storage 512GB. Thanks to this, we have great speed when moving with multitasking and in our daily lives, whether we are going to watch streaming videos, play games or open several apps and jump from one to another. Supporting this generous hardware we find a 34370.4 mm² integrated cooling system, which helps us keep the whole thing very cool. This is essential if we are going to make intensive use of our phone.

On the other hand, when browsing we also get great speed whether we use mobile data, with its connectivity 5Gas if we use wireless networks, thanks to the Wi-Fi 6.

If we talk about speed, we also want to refer to its generous battery of 8,800 mAh, which gives us a lot of autonomy, but this does not make the load heavy. On the contrary. We have a fast charging system 120W. The result? With just 6 minutes of charging you can once again have up to 115 hours of standby autonomy. Perfect to never get hung up.

Blackview BL9000 2

Reason #3: 50 MP cameras supported by the dual screen

We now move on to the photographic section and in this case we can mention that we have a triple rear camera of 50 MP + 13MP + 2MP. As additions to taking good images, we have stabilization, macro, wide angle technologies and the ArcSoft 8.0 algorithm with which our images are improved in a very successful way. As for the front camera, it offers us 50 MP so that the quality of our selfies is exceptional.

Whether you want an image of a group of friends, or if you are going to photograph a detail of nature or even a moving scene (a child, your pet…), with these cameras you can have everything you need to keep you happy. with the results. Furthermore, if what you are looking for is to record video, this Blackview BL9000 allows us to record in 4K with both the rear and front cameras, an added value that is worth considering well.

Blackview BL9000 3

Reason #4: Durability and resistance

Of course, we must ask rugged smartphones to be very resistant and durable. At the end of the day, we are “sacrificing” design in exchange for being offered these values. In this case, this Blackview BL9000 does not lack detail. We have screen protection provided by Corning Gorilla Glass 7resistance to extreme temperatures, among -20ºC and 60ºCcompatibility to use it with gloves thanks to the mode Glove Mode 2.0military grade certification MIL-STD-810H and certifications IP68 and UP69K.

And what does all this translate into? For example, it allows us to use it underwater, withstand drops and bumps, continue functioning in hostile environments, among others. Nothing will resist you.

Blackview BL9000 4

Reason #5: A pleasant interface thanks to DokeOS 4.0, based on Android 13

We finish our five reasons to buy this Blackview BL9000 by talking about its operating system. Software is a very important part of smartphones and is not always taken into account as much as it deserves. Ultimately, it is the layer with which we, as users, interact with them and we all ask that it be attractive, easy to use, intuitive and practical.

Here we find DokeOS 4.0, based on Android 13, which in addition to being all of the above, also allows us to personalize the experience. For example, we have different modes, such as Focus Mode or the Game Mode. It also allows us, among others, to easily share files between devices with the EasyShare App or separate personal and professional spaces with the Workspace App. Finally, Blackview expresses its commitment to the protection of users and also has privacy control.

Blackview BL9000 5

Availability and price of the Blackview BL9000

This Blackview BL9000 comes to AliExpress on offer, from January 17 to January 19. If you are among the first 500 orders you can get it at a very reduced price, just $299.99. In addition, if you are one of the first 100 buyers, you will also get free headphones Airbuds 8. Don’t let it slip away!

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