Black Mirror causes searches for Netflix terms of use to skyrocket by nearly 600%

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The Black Mirror series had its 6th season released on the streaming platform Netflix this month and the production keep talking about it. the work of Charlie Brooker made searches for the terms of use of the service increased by an impressive 596%.

The increase in searches happened after the first episode release from the Black Mirror season 6. called from “Joan Is Awful”, the chapter tells the story of Joan, a woman who one day discovers that her life has become a TV series.

Joan had a normal life until she found out that a global streaming platform called Streamberry (a Netflix satire) made a series about her life. Desperate, Joan sees her secrets and privacy being exposed for all to see.

The woman decides to investigate further what is happening and discovers that this was only possible because she agreed with all the terms and conditions of the contract proposed by the company when she signed the service called Streamberry.

Signing the document allows the platform to have full access to produce content about your life, if the company wants to. And this motivated the substantial increase in searches for the terms of use of Netflix itself.

It is worth mentioning that this type of contract is mandatory for everyone who wants to sign or create an account on any streaming service, but very few people end up reading its content carefully and carefully before signing an official relationship.

And you, what did you think about the sixth season of the series? Tell us in the comments down below!


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