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Black Friday at Gana Energía: discounts on electricity and gas

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Black Friday has arrived at the GanaZone electricity and gas rates! During the Green Friday of Gana Energía you can take € 70 direct discount and save up to 30% on your electricity and gas bills throughout the year.

Black Friday is celebrated on November 26. During the previous week, and extending until November 29 with Cyber ​​Monday, many companies launch great discounts that many people take advantage of to advance Christmas shopping.

At Gana Energía we know that electricity and gas expenses are of great concern to consumers. For this reason, between November 22 and 29 we celebrate Green Friday to help you save on your bills. By taking advantage of the promotion, you will get save all year round and switch to 100% green energy.

€ 70 in all electricity and gas rates

What does Green Friday mean? At Gana Energía, we wanted to launch a promotion so that during this Black Friday you can choose one sustainable alternative to save on electricity and gas on these consumption dates.

Our proposal is that you switch to our 100% green energy and in exchange you get € 70 for hiring any of our electricity and gas rates And until when can you take advantage of Gana Energía Green Friday? You can get this unbeatable offer only until Monday, November 29.

The Gana Energía Green Friday promotion consists of a direct discount of € 50 for contracting any of our 100% green light rates. Our plans are tailored to your needs and your pocket. In addition, our agents will help you choose the rate that best suits your habits.

To prepare your home for winter, you can also take € 20 discount when hiring natural gas. The best thing is that you will have gas at cost price. That is, you will pay the same as it costs us to buy it!

earn gas

How can you take advantage of the Gana Energía Green Friday promo? You just have to call us toll free at 900 535 689 or leave us your information in the GanaZone form so we can call you. We keep things simple! A) Yes you just have to worry about saving.

Save 30% on your bills all year

We know that a one-off offer like the ones on these dates can help you save. But our goal is for you to save throughout the year on your electricity and gas bills. With Gana Energía you will have the energy at the best price 365 days and you will pay up to 30% less per year on your bills.

Can you imagine that you electricity quota was cheaper than Netflix? With our Sin Más rates, your electricity quota is only € 4.50 per month and you pay for electricity the same as it costs us.

In addition, you will reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable, since our energy comes from renewable energy sources. Of course, we do not have stays or penalties and we eliminate additional services that make your bills more expensive. Simple energy!

Are you one of those who lives attached to your mobile? With our app you can control your daily consumption, set spending alerts and manage your contracts with a single click.

At Gana Energía, we believe that the role of an electricity marketer has to be that of an energy ally that helps you save. Therefore, you will always have at your disposal a energy advisor to help you make the best decisions.

We wanted this Black Friday to be very green. Take advantage of Gana Energía Green Friday and get € 70 in electricity and gas Remember that only available until Monday 29!

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