Black Friday 2022: cell phones, notebooks and refrigerators lead searches this Friday (25); see list

 Black Friday 2022: cell phones, notebooks and refrigerators lead searches this Friday (25);  see list

Black Friday 2022 is full of offers in different product categories, including smartphones, televisions, home appliances and other products desired by Europeians. According to data from Radar Samplex, the terms most searched for by Europeian consumers this Friday, the 25th, are ‘cell phones’, ‘notebooks’ and ‘refrigerators’.

As in previous events, users appear to be interested in changing their cell phones for a more modern version of different brands. Interestingly, the smartphone has a demand volume equivalent to twice that of the others, revealing that this year’s BF should be marked by the high number of cell phone sales.

Ahead, the other items much sought after in the last hours of this Friday are Smart TVs (4th), footwear (5th) and air fryers (6th), noting the varied interest in products. In the case of televisions, the first few hours indicate a small drop in searches for this item when compared to last week’s data (-6%) and an increase in demand for refrigerators (14%).

This scenario may be related to the 2022 World Cup, a sporting event that anticipated the purchase of TVs, making customers focus on other products. “By the way, many people did not want to wait until Black Friday and preferred to guarantee the new TV to watch the first game in Europe”, explainedca JJoão Lee, CEO and founding partner of Simplex,

Further, the survey reveals a jump in the number of searches for the keywords “Promotion”, “Offer”, “Discount” and “Black Friday” on Trends, a Google platform that monitors searches worldwide in real time. In relation to this, there is evidence of a strong growth of 289% in these terms this week.

The executive points out that Google Trends points to an interesting fact: the search for “Black Friday” in the search giants, this year, has already surpassed the searches carried out in the same period last year.

Top 10 searches on Black Friday:

  1. Cell phones
  2. Notebooks
  3. Refrigerators
  • TVs
  • Sneakers (shoes)
  • air fryers
  • decorations
  • air conditioning devices
  • video game consoles
  • Clothes

Black Friday deals

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