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Bit Noise, the Processor Podcast: Four Years of CPU Bugs Specter & Meltdown

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Easing chip shortage, preliminary benchmarks and return of Specter V2: The audio podcast bit noise 2022/16.

The Specter and meltdown vulnerabilities in processors from Intel, AMD, IBM and with ARM technology, which were discovered in early 2018, shook up the IT industry. They made people aware of the risks that lie dormant in ubiquitous chips. And they proved that side channels that had previously received little attention are opening up dangerous access opportunities to supposedly well-protected data.

But the whole truth is that no serious malware attack exploiting Specter or Meltdown-type vulnerabilities has been reported to date. However, this is also due to the fact that many protective shields have already been raised in the (cloud) systems most affected. Other protections also make it harder for malware to run.

How Specter and Meltdown have influenced CPU and software development is discussed by c’t editors Carsten Spille and Christof Windeck in the 2022/16 edition of “Bit noise: c’t’s processor podcast”.

Podcast Bit Noise, episode 2022/16 :

Magazine column bit noise from c’t 17/2022: diminishing chip shortage, advance benchmarks and return of Specter V

Market researchers expect an end to the chip shortage. Core i-13000 and Ryzen 7000 promise a performance plus and an old security gap is revived.

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