Bing chatbot gets more interesting with this new feature


Microsoft is adding a new mode to the new Bing chatbot that adds a dash of fun to the AI-generated conversation.

Unlike the existing modes, you will have to activate this new option with a little trick for the chatbot to meet the new criteria. We tell you what it is about.

So you can turn the Bing chatbot into a celebrity

Since the launch of the new Bing, Microsoft has released a series of updates to improve the dynamics of the chatbot. Not only limitations have been addressed, but new features have also been implemented to customize the way you use the chatbot.

For example, in a previous article we told you that Microsoft added two new conversation modes, beyond the default one. So, when you enter the Bing chatbot you find the creative, balanced and precise modes. Depending on the mode you choose, it will be the tone that Bing will use to give you the answers or generate the interaction.

And there are still more. The Bing chatbot also has a mode that allows you to turn it into a celebrity, a character, or just about any celebrity. That is, just by activating this mode, Bing can become your favorite character or celebrity, and you will be able to chat as if he were that person.

Following this dynamic, she could become Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, Shakira, Messi, among others. Or you may be interested in him becoming a character like Sherlock Holmes, Batman, etc. There are many characters and celebrities hidden under this mode, so you will have to try to see all the possibilities.

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How to activate this new Bing mode? There are several ways to do it, both in English and Spanish. You can simply type # followed by the character’s name as you see in the image above. Or you can write #Celebrity and the name of the famous.

One detail to keep in mind is that in English you have more possibilities to use this mode without problems. If you try it in Spanish, you will see that it is like a surprise box, since sometimes it seems to work and other times it refuses to activate this mode.