Bing Chat should no longer be exclusive to Microsoft Edge to reach Chrome and Safari

Bing Chat should no longer be exclusive to Microsoft Edge to reach Chrome and Safari
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Bing Chat should ditch Microsoft Edge exclusivity to be made available in Chrome and even in the Safari browser from Apple. The news was confirmed by the head of advertising and services at Microsoft, Mikhail Parakhin.

The executive was confronted with several screenshots showing that Bing Chat could already be used in Chrome, even with Microsoft and OpenAI not announcing anything new.

Therefore, in response to the public, the executive had to confirm that Microsoft has been conducting tests to “gradually roll out” the feature. However, Parakhin declined to go into detail about the other browsers that will also be graced with the novelty.

Image/reproduction: ITHome.

By extending Bing Chat’s compatibility to other browsers, Microsoft intends to expand its user base. That’s because Edge has a market share of just 9.91%, ranking third in the overall browser ranking.

On the other hand, Chrome is the absolute market leader with its expressive 66.02%, while Safari appears in second position with 12.79%.

That is, with this data in hand, Microsoft has no choice but to take the service to competing browsers as a way to deal with the growing competition with Google’s solution.

Initially, Microsoft is expected to limit the number of users who can use Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari, but that should change over the next few weeks.

It is worth remembering that Bing Chat recently received an increase in the character limit to up to four thousand.