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Bing AI: Microsoft extends Chat usage limit with new options for response tones

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Update (03/04/2023) – EB

After some problems with the launch of Bing AI, the new version of the search engine with ChatGPT integrated, Microsoft has increased the limit for using Chat with artificial intelligence. Now the limit is being extended once again, as the Redmond company appears to be more secure with its tool.

The increase in the daily limit of interactions with Bing AI was announced by Mikhail Parakhin, head of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, through a post on Twitter.

According to him, it will now be possible to ask up to 8 questions through Bing Chat per day. The previous limit was 6 questions per day.

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Also, the daily chat turn limit is now 100, which means you’ll be able to chat with Bing AI for much longer.

Jordi Ribas, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Bing division, also revealed that more news should be added to the chat. This time, Bing AI should gain the option to select two or three response modes for the chat.

There are currently 3 options for Bing Chat: More Creative, Balanced, and More Precise. Being that more creative gives fun answers with less relevant facts, while more precise results in direct answers and balanced has the best of both worlds.

In this way, we can understand that Bing AI can win a version with only two “tones” of response, which means that the Microsoft tool can still undergo several changes until it reaches the final version.

Original article (02/22/2023)

Bing Chat: Microsoft increases daily usage limit after problems with artificial intelligence

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Microsoft announced on Tuesday (21) that it is reducing the limitations of Bing’s artificial intelligence chat and will now allow users ask up to 6 questions per session and 60 questions per day. In the last week, big tech had imposed a limit of 5 interactions per session and 50 per day so as not to “confuse” the artificial intelligence.

The initial restriction was due to problems reported by Bing testers with technologies from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Microsoft had explained that long sessions could confuse the machine because of its ability to interpret context – something that, somehow, led to insults and “existential crises” from the AI.

(Image: Screenshot/TechSmart.com)

Longer chat sessions are expected to return, but the company intends to do this “responsibly”, so that artificial intelligence is efficient and accurate while being experienced (and trained) by users. Soon, Microsoft should return to providing 100 daily interactions with Bing Chat.

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Another change coming soon is the ability to switch between accurate or creative responses. The first option will make the artificial intelligence create short and objective texts, while the second would answer users’ questions with longer texts that are richer in context. There would also be a mode that balances both settings.

Microsoft encourages testing users to continue to provide their feedback around Bing Chat. To try out the tool, you need to sign up for a waiting list. Once your turn comes up, just go to the Bing website and click on “Chat”. Soon, the company will provide a version for Android and iOS.

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