Beyond Google Maps: the 6 ways to find restaurants in your city using your mobile

Finding a restaurant in your city in a short time and reading references from other users is simpler than it seems.

If you want to change a little and not always go to the same places, there are times when it becomes a little difficult to choose a place to go out to eat, even though Spain is a country in which bars and good gastronomic offers abound. The mobile phone can be the best ally to find new places to go, and not only to travel, since it also allows you to know first-hand the opinion of other clients and whether they recommend it or not.

There are some specialized applications for this, as well as some Google Maps functions that can help you find the perfect place. Some of the great advantages of searching for restaurants using this method is that it is possible to see many of the dishes they offer, as well as the approximate price and portion sizes. A good method to avoid surprises.

In addition, it can also be beneficial for your pocket, since there are times when thanks to this type of platforms it is also possible to find out about events, discounts and other types of promotions that you can take advantage of to spend a little less money.

Google Maps

The Google maps application is one of the best known and most used on Android. It is no wonder, since it offers enormous versatility when it comes to searching for places, plotting routes or simply exploring places that are not known to see if they may be worth visiting. It has a search engine that allows you to find both businesses and places of interest.

In the case of restaurants, in addition, the application also includes some filters thanks to which it is possible to separate and easily access restaurants based on their price, type of food or user rating. These can be combined to narrow down the search as much as possible, and by also knowing the hours, it will be possible to know if it is open.

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Restaurants on Google Maps

As far as ratings are concerned, it has a space in which users can rate and comment on the experience you have had in each restaurant. This, added to the fact that Google often reminds users to leave a review when they visit a place, means that many places have multiple comments. It is available on Google Play.


This Spanish application is quite original, and its design already looks different from the rest, and it has several systems to find places based on tastes and recommendations. It has a section, in true Tinder style, where it shows photos of the food and information on the price and type of place, and here the user can swipe to go to the next one or click on each one to get more information.


On its main screen there are a series of restaurant lists that change depending on the city chosen, and thanks to which it is possible to discover new places. In some of these lists You can see the approximate price per person before even having seen the listing of the place.

From the section dedicated to each restaurant it is possible to see images of the food, access the menu, save the establishment in the list of favorites and even reserve or access Instagram or the location of the establishment on Google Maps, so it has everything whatever may be needed. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

The Fork

Unlike Google Maps, in this case we are dealing with a specialized application for finding restaurants, and this has some advantages. The first is that the reservation can be carried out directly from the application, without having to call, Although there are times when this may be necessary. Furthermore, when you open the application it asks you about the schedule and the diners for whom you are looking for a table.

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It has a somewhat more complete filter system that allows you to only access restaurants with the type of food you are looking for, or to sort them based on other parameters such as the customer rating, the average price, or the neighborhood in which they are located.

The Fork

It is the best alternative if we take into account the level of detail it offers and the number of filters it allows to apply, as well as the fact that it offers discounts in many establishments when booking from the application. However, it must be taken into account that fewer results may appear than on Google Maps. It can be downloaded for free from the Android app store.


This application not only specializes in restaurants, it also has information about other establishments such as hotels or about the different activities that can be carried out in a certain area, and also allows you to make a reservation in any of these places, for example. which may be fine if you want to complete the plan with another activity.


To begin the search, you must establish the city in which you want to carry out the search, and then choose other variables such as the price or the type of food you are looking for. Besides, They have several lists with recommendations created by the platform itself, which can come in handy when faced with indecision. Plus, it’s free on Google Play.

Furthermore, they have a section dedicated to a series of gastronomic tours that can be carried out in different cities and thanks to which you can visit places such as vineyards or breweries, although they also include tourist tours or even cooking classes. They also have a section to collect offers.


This app, which is free on Google Play, has the possibility of searching for restaurants, cafes and bars, but also places that deliver at home or have takeaway, so it is ideal for differentiating well in places where there are many businesses within walking distance.

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It has a map on which, with a number, it indicates the location of each restaurant that has been searched for in the app. In each one’s file it is possible to see the user’s rating, the schedule and other information, such as its menu, contact information and even lists with similar places.


This information can also serve as a filter when performing the search, which is carried out in a drop-down menu that opens on the map. In the bottom bar you can also find your own saved places section, where you can leave those that look interesting and that remain pending to visit.

Social networks

Currently, social networks such as Instagram or TikTok are full of accounts that are exclusively dedicated to recommending food in all types of cities in Spain, so on more than one occasion they can be a good source of inspiration, since their videos usually include See details such as the size of the plates.

Food recommendations on social networks

These networks, in particular, have a system that allows you to save other people’s posts in a private section of your profile so you can view them later. It is the simplest method to have the recommendations at hand. When you want to go to one of these places, you just have to open that folder.

It is always advisable to take a look at the place, before going or booking, in one of the previous apps, since this way you will also be able to access the opinions of more users. The more information you have, the easier it will be to decide whether to go or not.

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