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Beware of this Chrome update: it’s a dangerous virus

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Unfortunately, viruses, malware, and other files with malicious code are quietly populating the Internet, hunting for a user who falls into their trap. We have already told you in previous cases about all kinds of attempts by cybercriminals to steal our personal data. Without going any further, we recently told you about a dangerous Russian malware that attacks Android phones and tablets. And now it’s time to talk about a dangerous virus that masquerades as a chrome update. ADSLZone’s colleagues have been the ones who have echoed this dangerous virus for Windows and which pretends to be a Chrome update. How this new virus works We are talking about a very clever new malware that uses the huge user base of the Google Chrome browser to try to deceive us. In this case, it all starts on a website where you are notified of an error in the Chrome update. And then what they do is invite you to click on the download of a supposed update that will fix the problem with Chrome. Nothing is further from reality. Mainly, and as indicated by ADSLZone, you will see that a message appears indicating “An error has occurred in the automatic update of Chrome. Please install the update package manually afterwards or wait for the next automatic update.” Of course, it looks a lot like the original image of Chrome so it’s easy to make a mistake. if you do, it will download a .ZIP file in an .EXE file that will infect your computer when you open it. What this virus does is install Monero, a mining program, using your computer and Internet connection to mine cryptocurrencies for free. With few users it is not worth it, but if it infects millions of computers, things change. This will not only translate into a loss of performance on your computer, since the processor will be mining cryptocurrencies, in addition to Internet connection problems, but it can even raise your electricity bill. As if that were not enough, they can access all your personal data, which is why we are talking about a very serious virus. And, although it has started in Asia, it is being replicated all over the world hidden in all kinds of web pages. So, if you get a message that you have to update Chrome, ignore it completely and only do it through the official website of the browser. >

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