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betterCode() Rust: Workshops on web APIs and microservices can now be booked

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Around the Rust conference on November 9th, two online workshops will be held that teach the creation of web APIs and microservices.


On November 9th, the bettercode() Rust provides a practical introduction to the Rust programming language. Before and after the of voonze.developer and dpunkt.verlag In addition to the online conference, there will also be two online workshops that can be booked immediately.

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November 3rd is all about the Tokyo runtime environment, which is widely used for asynchronous programming. The runtime offers a rich ecosystem for network applications and can therefore be used well for performance-critical microservices.

In the all-day, interactive online workshop, Stefan Baumgartner creates a service based on Tower and Tonic with the participants. Tracing and open telemetry are also used here. Finally, a microservice is created that can be implemented in any Kubernetes cluster.

Shortly after the conference, the focus on November 11th will be web APIs. The online workshop takes Rust out of the system programming corner and uses the programming language for applications in the cloud. At the end there is not only a web API, but also a deeper insight into the ecosystem.

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Rainer Stroppek builds an exemplary web API with the framework Rocket with the participants. In addition to the practical implementation for the services, Stroppek conveys the basic structures of important crates that play an important role in Rust web frameworks such as Rocket, and shows alternatives to Rocket.

The second edition of the betterCode() Rust conference aims at the practical use of Rust without having to delve into the depths of the language. It is about the direct implementation of desktop and web assembly applications or web APIs without getting lost in the complexity of the depths of Rust.

Tickets for the conference are available until October 18, 2022 at the early bird price of 179 euros (all prices plus 19% VAT). The workshops “Microservices with the Tokyo ecosystem” and “Creating web APIs with Rust” cost 449 euros each. If you want to stay up to date about the betterCode() conferences, you can subscribe to the newsletter or contact the organizers follow on twitter.

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