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betterCode() Clean Architecture: Conference for Sustainable Software Design

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The Heise online conference provides software architects with assistance on how to design systems that are more maintainable, testable and comprehensible.


Judge on December 6th voonze developer, iX and dpunkt.verlag the new online conference betterCode() Clean Architecture. The seven lectures of the all-day event show how the technical application can be tested and further developed with Clean Architecture and similar software architecture principles independently of the other infrastructure. The early bird discount is valid until November 14th.

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With the concept designed by Robert Martin (“Uncle Bob”), the services should be structured more clearly, less coupling is generated and the code remains testable overall. The betterCode() Clean Architecture is about answering the following questions:

  • How do you approach Clean Architecture in a meaningful way?
  • When is this even worth it?
  • What if you can’t start from scratch?
  • Which tools can help here?

Another lecture gives an example of how Clean Architecture was implemented in a large project. Falk Sippach from the IT consultancy embarc, who helped shape the conference program, will conclude with a lecture on architectural vision in times of clean architecture.

Finally, on December 1st, a workshop will be offered in which the clean architecture concept will be examined practically and in depth. This full-day workshop is offered at a price of 449 euros (all prices excl. VAT). The all-day conference currently costs 199 euros. After the end of the early bird discount phase, you have to pay 249 euros.

The event is aimed at software architects, software developers and IT project managers. The entire program and detailed information about the procedure, the lectures and speakers are available on the website of the online Clean Architecture event. The lectures will also be available as a recording for follow-up. Those wishing to attend the conference with the team can benefit from group discounts upon request.

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