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Best sports game to play at home while on vacation | TudoCelular Guide

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Highlight of each game
  • FIFA 21 Good for those who miss street football
  • Need for Speed ​​Heat Police raids and chases
  • eFootball PES 2021 A football match simulation footprint
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled The updated kart classic
  • NBA 2K21 An even more refined version of the franchise
  • UFC 3 Good MMA game for those who want to get beat up

Being stuck at home due to the quarantine imposed to fight the Coronavirus may not be as boring as it sounds. TechSmart is preparing guides to help pass the time while the pandemic doesn’t come to an end. Were you looking for a good sports game to play, but not sure which one to choose? Then this is the guide you are looking for.

That’s why we are also preparing guides with the best games separated by category, and here we have the best football games, arcade racing, among others, released in recent months. Here we have unreleased releases and updated remastered versions. For those looking for more simulator style racing games, we also have a guide for that.

TechSmart also analyzes games and you can check some here on the site. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to deeply analyze the sports titles.

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The games are organized by price below and at the beginning of the guide you can check the differential of each one to make it easier when choosing.


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If you’re looking for a good game of football, there’s not much to run to. We currently only have two major franchises in this sport: FIFA and PES. What is the best? Each gamer has their preference, but if there’s a series that has been trying to evolve with each release, it’s the football game from EA Games.

FIFA 21 follows the line of what we saw with the arrival of FIFA 20, which is to say that it maintains competition modes that were successful in the past, such as street football. Called VOLTA Football, the modality is aimed at more casual players who are not in contact with games of the genre all the time.

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Gameplay has also been improved in response to major player complaints, including what we saw in FIFA 20 with improvements in dribbling and ball control, as well as aerial play. In addition, we have the increase in melee play and the implementation of more controls on defense.

eFootball PES 2021

It wasn’t just EA that decided to give the latest FIFA title a breakthrough. Konami also sought to give a revamp to its franchise to get out of the same thing that PES dropped. The last games only brought updated teams with new uniforms, but the mechanics remained unchanged.

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PES 2021 tries to simulate a real football match with a more cadenced game and with reduced speed, giving the impression that virtual athletes run the same as real ones. Animations have also been improved to give a more realistic feel. And dribbling is now done with the right stick of the controller.

The camera has also changed and is now more centered as seen by a real game on TV. Many will be surprised at first, as this change is good for visualizing the game, but playing has become more complicated. As much as Konami tries, PES still suffers from licensing and leaves out several famous leagues present in rival FIFA.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled arrives to brighten the hearts of those who spent their childhood in front of the TV playing for hours on PS1. The remaster brings everything the old one had and also several new features, such as the online mode.

If CTR was already fun, this new one manages to go even further. It’s the perfect type of game for all ages and deserves to be played with friends or family. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is delicious and the soundtrack brings back our best memories.

If you liked the old one, you will definitely love this new one. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing CTR before, you can go without fear at Nitro-Fueled. This is a must-have game in the collection of any gamer who owns a PlayStation, Xbox or Switch.

  • Full review of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Need For Speed ​​Heat

The Need for Speed ​​series is full of ups and downs. After several failed titles that soured in the tastes of critics and games, behold, we had a recent bet in 2019 that has been pleasing a lot of people. Called Heat, the new game bets on nighttime races with police chases.

Heat inherits a lot from the late Need for Speed ​​Underground from the mid-2000s, with its illegal races and the vast possibility of tuning cars. In this title we have a simple story, but it was influenced by the Fast and Furious series that is still very successful.

But let’s face it: history has never been Need for Speed’s strong point. What everyone wants is to run at high speed and evade the police, and that’s what you’ll do a lot in Heat. There are several types of challenges, and of course drifting couldn’t be left out. Customization is the highlight and without the appeal of the microtransactions that spoiled the last games in the saga.

NBA 2K21

The world of sports is not just football. A franchise that is quite successful for those who are fans of basketball is NBA, which has 2K21 as its latest release. This new game tries to repeat the success of the previous one by bringing small improvements.

As in PES, 2K also decided to slow down the speed of athletes to get closer to reality. This can annoy those who prefer a more dynamic game. The career mode has also evolved and now shows a more natural walk through the game’s top stars.

MyTeam mode now has more generous card packs, which reduces the need to buy the more expensive versions of the game if you want to have a good team right away. Now, it is not possible to select a player in any position on the court, as was the case in previous editions. The player will have to learn how to assemble a balanced team.


Despite fighting being something that still divides opinions because it is something that can stimulate violence in general, the UFC 3 game is a title made for those who are fans of the genre and want to have a differentiated performance inside the octagon, without necessarily putting their feet in him.

With several available moves and skill evolution options, each player can highlight their character in a different tactical scheme, developing the ones that will be better in kicks, punches, armbars, stakes or even in full-on ground fighting.

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