Best solar portable batteries for summer

Brian Adam

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With summer come the days of the beach and excursions, travel, camping, spending hours away from home and all this means being far from an outlet. And even if you get away with all the devices fully charged, you can always recharge them.

Solar portable batteries allow recharging energy obtained directly from the Sun

Auxiliary or portable batteries usually help in these tasks by allowing accumulated energy to be transported, by cable or wireless charging, to the desired device (mobile, tablet, photo camera, GPS navigator, portable speaker …) but in some occasions it would still do something else is missing. That’s where portable solar batteries come, which in addition to being able to be recharged through a plug have solar panels. This makes it easier to be able to spend many days away from a plug, although it should be noted that in most cases it takes several sunny days of exposure of the plates to fully recharge the smaller batteries.


The following devices help in this task, one of those essential gadgets for backpacking trips, for which indicative prices are indicated.

-Addtop (49 euros): It has four deployable solar panels with which it recharges its battery of up to 25,000 mAh, which would allow a smartphone to be recharged between seven and ten times and a tablet up to three times. It weighs just over 500 grams, measures 15x8x3 cm and has two fast-charging USB ports that can work simultaneously. It also has an LED light that offers lighting as a flashlight. Recommended for: excursions of a few days.

Solar battery

-Andupil Kaise (645 euros): Here there are already bigger words, both in the wreck (€ 645) and in the enormous capacity of the battery, of no less than 120,000 mAh, which would allow a smartphone to be recharged up to 50 times. Due to its power, it goes beyond providing power to portable electronic devices through USB-A and USB-C ports, being able to offer power through a conventional 220/240 V socket in which to connect any household appliance.

The 444 Wh battery can be recharged in less than 15 hours thanks to the 90 Wh capacity solar panels. The weight of the set is 4.6 kilos for the battery and 3.7 kilos for the solar panels. Recommended for: Professional use or in second homes that lack an adequate electrical connection.

Solar battery

-Water resistant solar power bank (9 euros): Its 30,000 mAh offer more than enough charge and also its price of less than 10 euros is more than attractive, but its main asset is that it has special protection against small shocks and especially against water, which allows it to face somewhat more “extreme uses », With the addition of a carabiner to attach it to the backpack or, for example, inside the tent where it can serve as lighting thanks to its built-in flashlight. It has two USB-A ports to be able to recharge two devices simultaneously. Recommended for: outdoor activities with the possibility of splashing water or rain.

Power bank

-HETP (29 euros): With 26,800 mAh capacity, it allows more than half a dozen recharges of a smartphone (it has two USB-A ports for simultaneous charging), and can also recover part of the charge (over several days) thanks to its solar panel, Indicated only for emergencies, being recommended to recharge it by connecting to the power line for greater speed. Recommended for: travel.

Power bank

-Multipowerbank solar (27 euros): With dimensions very similar to those of a smartphone, its 10,000 mAh battery facilitates up to three full charges of a mobile, and can also be recharged thanks to its built-in solar panel. It has two USB ports that allow two devices to be recharged simultaneously, a built-in flashlight and a carabiner to hold it, for example, on the outside of the backpack, which allows the battery to be recharged while enjoying an excursion. Recommended for: one or two day excursion.

Power bank