Best mobiles for seniors

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Not all mobile phone users have the same needs. While the youngest, or people who are of working age, need to be permanently connected, have the best camera and perhaps the most powerful processor, there are other people who are satisfied with much less features.

Despite not being intelligent, some basic mobiles work excellently for making calls and sending SMS

There are people -especially the elderly- who want their mobile phone to, mainly, make phone calls and little else. Some will also want to be able to receive WhatsApp messages from their relatives -especially with photos of their grandchildren- but they will settle for a basic phone, which does not involve a large financial outlay.

Perhaps what may be necessary for them is to have a large screen, to be able to see the letters better. In the same way, having large physical buttons and a battery that can last up to more than a week can be essential for them.

Some of the best mobiles for the elderly can be obtained for less than 100 euros, especially the cheapest and with the least benefits. However, some others will raise the price a bit more. We will show you a selection with some of the best alternatives if your desire is to acquire a basic phone but without becoming obsolete.

– Motorola Moto G Power (2022): a competent mobile that stands out for an excellent battery life that can reach two days of use. The performance could be summed up as efficient, you can run simple apps and games smoothly. The screen offers a refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Motorola Moto G Power

Apple iPhone SE (2022): Apple’s smaller, “cheap” phone is a recommended purchase. The power of the terminal is first class, there will be no slowdowns or obstacles to open apps. Being a small mobile with a lower screen resolution, autonomy is benefited. It should also be noted that it is compatible with 5G.

Apple iPhone SE, an ideal purchase to save money

–Light Phone 2: a minimalist device that offers the essentials with some qualities typical of a smartphone. The panel is electronic ink, which translates into a battery life of 13 days. The mobile can be used to make calls and send messages, but it can also be used to listen to podcasts, music and surf the Internet.

light phone 2

–Google Pixel 6a: It is not a simple smartphone, on the contrary, it is one of the best mid-range phones today. Its price is affordable and it has magnificent cameras. To this we must add clean, intuitive, fast and safe software. In addition, it has plenty of power, it is able to run demanding games and apps without setbacks.

Google Pixel 6a, a cheap phone

–Nokia 8210: If the person is not interested in a smartphone, this may be the best option on the market. It is a simple terminal from Nokia that is easy to use, robust and small. It is used to call, send messages and surf the Internet, since it works with 4G networks. In addition, the screen is in color and the autonomy is capable of reaching 30 days.

Nokia 8210 4G

– Samsung Galaxy A32: It stands out for being an economical and off-road mobile, a leader in the lower-middle range. It offers a 6.5-inch HD screen that is comfortable and clear, to this we must add a headphone jack, 5G compatibility, 64 GB storage and the possibility of expansion through a microSD. The user will not miss any important function.

Samsung Galaxy A32, Samsung's all-terrain smartphone