Best memory foam mattress in 2023 (UK)

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Memory foam mattresses are where it’s at these days. Metal springs all throughout your bed? No thanks. We’ll pass.

If you’re looking into buying a new mattress, it helps to narrow it down to what kind of mattress you want. Memory foam is a great place to start, but as we said, it’s a popular material at the moment so every leading brand using it. With this in mind, finding your dream mattress may not be as breezy as you’d maybe expect. It’s pretty daunting, actually.

Don’t freak out, because we’re here to help.

Why is a high-quality mattress so important?

We take mattress shopping very seriously. Sleep is important, and the quality of your rest can make or break your day (and beyond). If you wake up feeling energised and refreshed, concentrating and functioning gets way more manageable. Sleep poorly one night, and you’re going to end up feeling fatigued, irritable, and will likely drink way too many cups of coffee. (Don’t do that to yourself).

Quality sleep means a better, happier life. That’s why it’s vital that you not only find the best mattress you can, but the best mattress specifically for you.

To start, we recommend you take stock of what your sleep habits are. What kind of sleeper are you? Do you toss and turn all night? What position do you usually find yourself in when you wake up? Do you prefer a firm mattress for support, or a soft one for comfort?  Do you regularly overheat, or get cold? Are you prone to back pain? These are all questions you should answer for yourself before picking out your new bed. It’s supposed to last you a while, so it’s important that you don’t settle for anything less than what you absolutely need — a good mattress is an investment.

No matter what mattress type you like, you can now find it online, which beats going to the mattress store. But because you’re not going to the physical store, you won’t get to test out your mattress ahead of time. 

What are the most important things to consider when buying a mattress?

Buying a mattress online can be daunting, so it’s really important not to rush the process. You need to carefully think about what matters to you, and then match up each model against your priorities.

To make this a little bit easier, we have lined up some things you’ll want to consider before you make any sort of decision:

Know your bed size — Take measurements of your bedroom and bed frame. Which will fit the most comfortably? If you’ll be sharing the bed with a partner (or pet), don’t get something too intimate. We wouldn’t want you to purchase something, get it delivered, and then find out that it doesn’t fit your bed frame. This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to get carried away.

Firm or soft — It depends on personal preference and how you sleep. Normally, side sleepers will want something firmer for better spinal alignment, while stomach and back sleepers should be fine on a softer model. But, of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Get what usually feels good to you.

Consider the warranty — Online mattresses don’t always come cheap, so you’ll want to consider a company’s warranty before making a commitment. Look for warranties that offer flexible coverage and support, so you won’t have to spend a lot on repairs and replacements. Also, free trials are helpful, just in case you end up unhappy with your first few nights.

Keep these things in mind when shopping around for your next mattress.

What is the best memory foam mattress?

Buying a mattress is a personal journey, because everyone has a different set of priorities when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. We know this, so we’ve tried to highlight a range of options that should suit just about everyone, including popular models from top brands like Nectar and Emma.

These are the best memory foam mattresses in 2023.

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