Best apps to recycle

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mejores apps para reciclar 6.webp.webp.webp

The best apps for recycling They can be extremely useful if you don’t know how to help reduce the more than 2,000 million tons of waste with which we pollute the world annually.

Municipalities, NGOs, technology companies, among others, are responsible for many of the apps that teach you to recycle.

Currently, there is an impressive variety of recycling apps that you can install on your mobile. Thanks to these amazing tools, you can learn how to manage your waste, find collection sites and generally expand your knowledge about recycling.

Likewise, with these applications you will learn what to do with that old mobile phone or other devices that you no longer use and contribute to cleaning up the environment.

The best apps to take care of the environment

–Recycle!: Get all the information about the collection times in your place of residence, what type of items are recyclable and where to dispose of them. Recycle! also allows you to create schedules so you don’t forget when you have to prepare your waste for collection.

Apps to recycle garbage

– Gimme5: This app tells you if the plastic you are about to recycle is type 5, which is the ideal one to undergo this type of procedure. In addition, Gimme 5 stands out for being a tool thanks to which it is very easy to learn everything you need to reuse.

Apps for easy recycling

–Recycle Coach: allows you to generate a personalized calendar with the collection dates of the different types of waste in your area. It also sends you reminders and alerts so you don’t forget to take out the trash. In addition, it offers you information on how to correctly recycle each type of material and what to do with special waste.

Applications to learn to recycle

– Waste: is a very good tool courtesy of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Thanks to this app you will know what to do with each type of waste and in which container to deposit it. Also, the app gives you information about the recycling process and what each item you throw away becomes. Obviously, this application provides data about collection points only in Catalonia.

Platforms to start recycling

– Recycling: Find out how to contact waste collectors who stop by your home to pick up what you no longer use. You can donate or sell your waste and thus contribute to the circular economy and social inclusion. In addition, the app offers you information on how to separate waste and what to do with it according to its type.

recycling apps

–Recycle Right: It has an extensive guide that tells you which materials are recyclable and which are not. It also helps you understand how you can cook with much less waste than usual.

Applications to start recycling

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