Bernie Sanders’ Face Says It All As He Stumbles Into Influencer’s Video: TF?

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screenshot 2023 02 21 at 11.05.42 am e1676995814351.png

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders accidentally stumbled into a TikTok video on Sunday in New York City, and his face was priceless.

Sanders, who was visiting the Big Apple as part of his book tour, was exiting a hotel when he walked into the video of TikTok user Taylor Champ. The short video shows Taylor dancing alongside the doorman of the hotel when Sanders suddenly walks right into the camera view before realizing he’s in the video.

Sanders almost immediately realizes his video-bomb and quickly leaves the video.

@taylorchamp Replying to @doctordaveo ♬ original sound – girls

Sanders previously went viral, with a picture of him at President Joe Biden’s inauguration making waves. Sanders was seen sitting in the freezing cold with mittens and a big puffy jacket. (RELATED: CBS Host Confronts Sen. Bernie Sanders On Benefitting From Capitalism)

Sanders has reflected on the vitality of the picture, saying it “was weird” and that things “got weirder” a few days after inauguration when he began seeing memes of himself.

“There I was with my mittens on the moon, at the Last Supper, on the Titanic, alongside Forrest Gump, next to Spider-Man, on top of skyscrapers,” Sanders wrote in a new book, according to Business Insider. “Who would have thought?”

Despite being in office for decades, Sanders said that the viral mitten picture was the most attention he has ever received, according to Business Insider.

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