BeReal analyzes incorporating payment functions instead of advertising in the app


BeReal, the instant and improvised content social network that has attracted the attention not only of a certain niche, but also of direct competitors that have aligned themselves with the proposal, is outlining an alternative to advertising to support its app.

According to a report by The Financial Times, the platform is considering the idea of ​​adding paid functions to its application, which until now is completely free to use.

BeReal and its search for alternatives to support its app

The French social network has grown significantly since its launch in 2020, marking an explosive increase in users in recent times. According to the FT, BeReal currently has more than 15 million daily active users, up from 10,000 just a year ago. According to experts consulted by the specialized economics publication, the rapid growth of BeReal could reach “tens of millions of people by the end of the year”.

The application, whose formula revolves around the content generated spontaneously by its users, who have a daily period of two minutes to publish, from which the app itself randomly announces the moment enabled to do so.

The popularity of this proposal, specifically focused on Generation Z, has aroused special interest in Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat, platforms that in their own way integrated functions similar to those of BeReal.

In addition to the proposal focused on spontaneous content, another of the striking aspects of BeReal is the absence of advertising in its app. According to sources involved with the social network, consulted by The Financial Times, the company is already analyzing monetization alternatives, leaving aside intrusive ads as an alternative, at least for now.

The monetization alternative chosen to be deployed soon, according to the aforementioned report, would be based on purchases within the app, through which access to additional tools can be unlocked. As described by The Financial Times, BeReal’s in-app purchases can be compared to a premium Discord membership, where you pay a monthly fee to access extras like digital stickers.

The implementation of this economic strategy, prior public announcement, is projected for the second half of next year, currently representing a minor concern for the company. For now, development efforts are concentrating on implementing usability improvements to the platform.

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