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Sunday routine: FACE

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Hi there! How was the beginning of the week? : D. I think that the trick to start the week on the right foot is to dedicate Sunday a little to ourselves; p If you can’t Sunday for whatever reason, ok, but I would recommend taking a little time out of the week if it’s not possible to do it that day …

Some people may think that all this in the world of beauty is superficial and coming from an empty woman or man when in reality taking care of yourself involves many more things than a simple cream or blush … And yes, all positive always in the right measure, of course , but this is like everything. But hey, that’s what I think, always taking the trouble to be better is good for everything 🙂

Aaaaaaal grain nice 🙂 Needless to say, all I’m going to teach you is MY personal routine. I know that you already know that each skin is a world and bla bla blaaaaaaaaaa 😉

I’m going to divide this “Sunday Routine” theme into several parts: face, body and hair.

At the bottom I leave you all the photos. (To see them in large, you have to click on them)


1. The first thing I do is moisten the skin with lukewarm water and put on the “La Roche Posay” cleansing foam for sensitive oily skin, which is sold in pharmacies and / or parapharmacies. Price: 13 euros more or less

I gently spread the product and rinse. I do this twice in a row to make sure the skin is clean. Lately I am using La Roche products and I love them! I like them more than Avène’s …

2. Once I have gently dried the skin and pressing lightly on it, I apply the Effaclar H moisturizing cream also from “La Roche Posay”. Price: 12 euros? The truth is that I do not remember …: S

It is a marvel of moisturizer: fantastic, soft, loving, fine and with a clean smell that I love… (L) It is especially for oily sensitive skin that is dry from harsh treatments. I only apply it on the nose, apples, chin and forehead because it has been recommended to me for my skin treatment, you know hehe …

3. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and in my case it is quite dry… Yes daughters yes, I am drier than the wet! XDD So I use Kiehl’s amazing avocado eye contour (in this post I talk about it: https://www.aishawari.com/blog/i-love-kiehl´s/). This product is already somewhat more difficult to find, but you can order it online at http://www.Kiehls.es/

Price: 38 euros. I tap it with the tip of my ring finger and in a few hours the contour is recovered…. 😉

4. Lastly, what I do is put on a lip balm giving gentle massages to stimulate them … Yes! The lips also have to be pampered! 🙂 I use the one from “La Roche Posay” (yes, all from la roche….) The ceralip. Price: 6 euros?… Mmm, I don’t remember well….

If my lips look very, very bad, I choose to use Mrs. Elishabeth Arden’s 8-hour cream, which although it smells like wax to clean the boots, is very effective…. 😀 Price: it cost me around 21 euros in Azorín.

Well… this is all I do with my face. Obviously you, if you are not having any type of treatment, I recommend that you exfoliate your skin or even put on a green clay mask that is great 😉

It is very important to take care of the skin, remember that it is the canvas that we will make up later….

And now it’s your turn, tell me… what is your Sunday routine?….

A little kiss and thanks for stopping by 😉


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