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Hello girls! 🙂

How are you?

Before I start to tell you what I bring you for today I wanted to tell you that this month of September is being a bit strange in terms of updates on my website, but I promise that from October I will start uploading two videos per week and entries in the blog section on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 😉 I wanted to clarify this because I know that many of you are a little lost lol Meanwhile I will update as much as possible 🙂

And now… we begin! 😀

Many of those who have followed me for a long time know that I had been using the MAC mineral concealer for the dark circle area. It has always been great for me and it met my needs perfectly. I place you a bit. It is a fluid concealer with medium coverage that provides a slight touch of luminosity. The fact is that a couple of months ago I began to notice that it was cracking too much and the area was quite dry, but I didn’t pay much attention to it and I thought it would be temporary. But over time I realize that my dark circles must have become somewhat drier and the effect of the concealer no longer excites me as much as before. That is why when someone has ever complained and told me why a long time ago I liked something and now I don’t, the answer is very simple. Because needs change. Our skin, hair, etc., are not the same all year round.

Select moisturecover2

Select moisturecover3

Total, that I have bought the concealer again select moisturecover from MAC which I was using also a long time ago. I have caught the tone NW25. This particular product also has medium coverage, is fluid and much more hydrating than mineral. Something that I like a lot too, is that it doesn’t have a powdery finish. So for those of you who are looking for a natural finish and to hydrate the area, I think you may be interested in trying it 😉 Also, something that I love about it is the applicator that it has as a sponge. It seems to me a success since the eye contour is a delicate area and the skin is finer than normal 🙂 I leave you the direct link HERE


It has a price of 18 euros, three euros cheaper than mineral 🙂

The fact is that in the description of the mineral corrector it says that it has moisturizing agents, but without a doubt it is much more so this one that I am talking about today.

Have you tried it? Which one do you use?

On Thursday you will have a new entry 😉 Don’t miss it!

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