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Radiant skin without makeup

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Hello girls! 🙂

How are you?

I think you may like the theme of today’s post, since we all love to show off luminous skin with a good face color without having to resort to makeup bases, bb creams, etc …, am I wrong? 😀 These tips are great to put into practice for example for a morning of shopping or having to do a thousand things and not wanting to recharge your skin, but at the same time look beautiful 🙂

Shall we start?

Radiant skin

one. The first thing you should do is clean your skin thoroughly with a gel suitable for your skin type. This step is ESSENTIAL always. Whether you are going to go out or not.

2. Second, you can apply your favorite moisturizer or, if applicable, a treatment that has SPF and also brings light to the face. This is the case of “Pigmentclar” from LA ROCHE POSAY. I have been using it for a short time but I love it because my skin goes from being matte and dull to looking fresh, beautiful and luminous in an instant.

It is an anti-stain treatment and perfect for dull tone. It also has a SPF 30 😉 You can apply it alone or then make up your skin. But we said that today we do not want any makeup, remember? 😉

Pigmentclar is an example of a product that brings light, protection and treatment to the skin. But another option would be for example to put your moisturizer with SPF and then “Lumi Magique” from THE REAL. It is a perfect fluid for oily skin as it is oil-free and has a beautiful pearlescent finish. Another option? the meteorites of GUERLAIN. They are small pink balls that float in a transparent gel. It smells like roses and like the other two products, it will make your skin change in a matter of seconds 🙂

Ah! It is very important that you do everything well (and with clean hands) to activate microcirculation. You are going to see how your skin goes from having a whitish color (at least in my case) to a healthier one 😉

Radiant skin without makeup

You can also use an eye contour that, apart from hydrating, illuminates the area. The one I use is “Idéalia” from VICHY

3. Let’s go with the look! Hmm, here we can cheat a bit. In my case, you already know that I recently mentioned that I had an eyelash perm. You don’t know how happy I am. I have them curly and it changes your face. So I wouldn’t even apply mascara. But if you want your eye to look more attractive, curl your hair first and then apply a layer of very black mask 😉

Four. And finally, use your favorite lip balm. In this way, your lips will be hydrated and will look more beautiful. You can also apply a lip tint or in my case, I would opt for lipstick “Peach blossom” from MAC It is a very natural rose 😉

What is your favorite product to illuminate the skin?

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